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Are you thinking about franchising your business?

Franchising is a way to create rapid business growth, but it won't happen without a solid plan to sell franchises. Selling Franchises Begins with Quality! Before you can expect anyone to buy into a franchise of your operation, you must make sure that your business offers the highest quality product or service possible. Entrepreneurs will want to buy your franchise for one reason - to make money. They will be looking for a quality product or service to offer.

You will also need quality personnel and a quality place of business. There is every chance that the entrepreneur interested in your franchise will first come to you as a customer. If he receives quality products and services and your place of business is always neat and clean, he will have a favorable impression of your franchise operation.

Finding Your Market!

Your next step after making sure you have a quality operation to offer is to sell franchises. First, you'll need to determine a price for your franchise. Your price should cover all of your costs in providing the franchise, as well as a profit. You must also determine the royalty amount you will earn from the sales each franchise makes. Typically, royalties run between five and ten percent of gross sales, but each franchise is different. The next thing you need to do in order to sell franchises is determine your market. A good place to start is with employees who are already familiar with your business.

Does your business have a manager or other senior employee who might be interested in owning a business? Some of your senior staff might make their wishes known to you at the time you tell them of your plan to sell franchises. If they have not, approach them with the idea. Let them know why you think they would be a prime candidate for business ownership.

You will also want to advertise your franchising opportunity. There are several publications and websites that will allow you to reach entrepreneurs seeking franchises. You can find them easily by doing an online search. One that offers free information on all types of franchises is pay me franchises dot com.

Putting Together Your Plan And Selling Franchises!

You will need to work with investors, lawyers and bankers in order to put together a plan for selling franchises of your business. As a business person, you may already have a relationship with a banker and a lawyer. Approach these people first and let them know of your plan to franchise your business. They can prove very helpful to you and keep you from making costly mistakes. You will also need to have many systems in place for making your franchises run smoothly.

These systems include the daily operation of each franchise and the training and advancement of employees. These systems will be a part of your franchise plan and will need to be accessible to all franchisees so they will know how to operate the business. Selling franchises won't be easy, but with a plan it can be profitable. And remember, the best kept secret of the 21st century is franchising. Home Franchise Concepts Home franchising can be a dream come true for new and prospective business owners. However, what home franchise concepts are right for you and your lifestyle? This is a personal decision that should be thoroughly considered.

Asking yourself the following questions should help you narrow down the wide world of franchise opportunities to the few that are right for you.

1. What kind of work do you find enjoyable?

The first step is to find what kind of work is best for you. Ask yourself, do you like working inside or outdoors, with your mind or with your hands, with many other people or by yourself? Are there any kinds of work that you would not consider doing? Do you have a degree or prior skills that you would like to use? These are all important considerations.

2. How much can I afford to invest in any of these home franchise concepts?

If you have a lower budget, this will significantly reduce the opportunities are available to you. If they all seem too expensive for your budget, consider whether you could take on a partner or apply for a small business loan. Keep in mind that, in addition to franchise fees and expenses, you will need equipment, supplies, and employees. Preparing a detailed budget and realistically assessing it can prevent disappointment later.

3. What kind of business would thrive in my area?

You should examine what businesses are already successful, as well as at what needs are not being addressed in your community. Is there a need for more home health care or maybe more maid services? There are several franchises that address both needs. For every niche, there are many home franchise concepts to fill it. A little research will lead you to the business that is perfect for you and your community.

4. How much time can I dedicate to a home business franchise?

As with all businesses, you will get out of a home franchise exactly what you put into it. You will need to find time and dedication to make it successful, so choose a franchise that needs no more resources than you have to spare. Whichever one of the many home franchise concepts you choose, you can be sure that you are making the right choice in deciding on a franchise. With training, tools, and ongoing support, franchises are the perfect way for inexperienced and experienced business people alike to get a taste of the lucrative world of small business. There are a variety of choices available, so you will have no problem finding a range of appealing opportunities. If you consider your personality, budget, area, and personal life when making this crucial decision, you are sure to find that owning a franchise is the job of your dreams.

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How Much Money Does It Cost To Open A Bar?

When opening a bar for the first time there are some things that you should think about before investing any money into it. You will need to figure in all the cost for startup, along with the cost to continue to stay open for a few months. Here is a list of how much money it cost to open a bar. You will need to take a few college courses before you even begin the process of getting a loan and opening a bar. You should first take a class on bartending. This will teach you the proper way to make drinks and all the tricks of the trade.

Then you will need to take a few different business courses. You should be very knowledgeable about your business and this is the best way to get there. Once you have finished this, you can then move onto how much money it will cost to open a bar. You will need to either find an empty building or purchase a rundown bar to start with. Either way you choose, you will need to gut the entire place and start from scratch. Have the inside and outside completely redone. The walls, floors, roof if needed, bathrooms, kitchen area and anything else that you may want.

You can always start off with the cheaper versions, and upgrade as your business grows. Anyone starting from scratch does this. To get going you will need your basic bar equipment such as glasses, cocktail shakers, blenders, plates, sanitary items and everything else in this area. Along with that, you will need bar stools, tables, counters, bar sets and items of this nature. You should purchase at least two months’ worth of soda, liquor and beer. This is because you have no clue how well you will do in the beginning. These things all have long expiring dates, so it's better to have more of something then telling your new customers you have ran out.

You will need some sort of music for your bar. It can be your own karaoke center or maybe you would like a jukebox. You will need to purchase the main source of music and then you will need speakers throughout the bar. Again, you can start off cheaper and upgrade as time progresses.

You will need to have a few months of money set aside to pay your employees. Its rule to have 5-6 months of pay set aside. Just hire enough to get things going, as you can always add more people later. Having a few months money set aside for their paychecks is a smart thing to do. If you can't pay your employees, they won't stay and work for free, there for your business will be closed very fast.

You will need to purchase a business license along with a liquor license for your first time. Both of these will need to be renewed each year as well. Along with that you will need to have high paying insurance. As you can see there is a lot of time and money involved in opening a bar for the first time. So how much money does it cost to open a bar? You should have around $150k to $240k just to get you going for your first few months.

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Suede and Leather Dry Cleaning

Many people are finding that, despite what they may have believed before, suede and leather dry cleaning is something that they can handle very easily in their own home. When people learn to wash clothes, they often realize that there is a vast difference between clothes that are made from plant fiber and those that are made from animal products; this is why wool is such a difficult material to deal with.

Leather and suede are another story, and you can see that there is a good reason that this has become such a specialized area of business. No matter what sort of material you are washing, dry cleaning at the most basic level, is laundry that is cleaned without water. Instead, the waterless cleaner will use a combination of a solvent and heat to make sure that the stains can be lifted from your clothing. This is ideal for leather and suede because these materials have been stripped of water-resistant properties and as such can sustain a lot of damage if they come in too much contact with water. For instance, suede especially will stain on contact. When considering suede and leather dry cleaning, you should keep in mind the fact that the solvents that are being used to clean them are considered quite harsh.

Though cleaning is thought to be a gentler process, this may not necessarily be the case. For instance, perchlorethylene, also known as perc, is a common cleaner used in the cleaning leather, but it is also considered a hazardous air pollutant by the Clean Air Act. Always remember to air out your leather or suede before wearing it again. When thinking about suede and leather cleaning, you will find that there is a great deal of work that is involved, but the thing that we need to think about is what the article of clothing itself recommends. You'll find that there are a variety of different products that you can buy to take care of your own cleaning safely at home. If you buy leather new, you will find that speaking to the salesperson about what is necessary to keep it cleaned can save you a lot of headaches further down the line.

Keep in mind that not only does the leather need to be repaired but the lining does too. As you can see, there is a lot that goes into the suede and leather cleaning industry. Take the time to make sure that you know what you are looking at when it comes to suede and leather cleaning, and make sure that this is an industry that you are familiar with, especially if you have a leather jacket that you love!

Dry Carpet Cleaning Franchises

Have you ever thought about maybe starting your own dry carpet cleaning franchise? Maybe you haven't the slightest clue how to go about it? There are many places that you can look to for information or advice about starting your own dry carpet cleaning franchise. One place in particular that is getting a lot of attention is a company called Chem-Dry. They state that if you open a Chem-Dry, then you could have the chance to take part in top-of-the-line training offered by Harris Research, Inc. Some of the training that they provide is a five-day, hands-on program that is very well worth it. This is done at their main headquarters in Logan, Utah. Their training is also ongoing, as many employees will tell you. It includes a yearly National Convention, retreats, a regional mini-convention and regular communication with the main office through a monthly newsletter and their franchisee internet.

If you decide that Chem-Dry is the one for you, expect a great deal of company support. You will have to meet certain qualifications of course and there is an investment required. If you wish to spend the money, that is entirely your choice. However, some will say that "you have to spend money to make money". Their package prices require an initial investment The actual amount required depends upon which territories and equipment that you decide to purchase. You don't need to have any experience in the dry carpet cleaning franchise field whatsoever, which is wonderful if, for example, you are a person who is just getting back into the workforce.

Chem-Dry prefers that you have some business experience or previous business ownership, but as stated, this is not written in stone. You absolutely MUST pass a sex offender registry check, driver's record check and also a criminal background check. This is understandable since Chem-Dry customers will trust you to go into their homes and would like to feel secure about the company's employees. Today, many people are looking for ways to make money. If you are good with people and like to clean, then maybe a dry carpet cleaning franchise is something for you. Even if you have never sold anything before in your life, it is easy to get into this kind of business, especially if you have a liking for it. Let your passion for cleanliness shine through and let the customers see how excited you are about your dry carpet cleaning franchise.

If you don't show any faith in your own company, how do you expect someone else so to believe in it? You know that you have to start somewhere, and yes, it will be at the bottom. However, you will have an honest opportunity to progress based upon your willingness for hard work and perseverance. You can make it!

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