Is There Snail Slime in Your Beauty Products?!

According to a recently updated PETA article (Updated August 7, 2020), snail slime is making its way from Korea into your beauty products and it started back in 2016, (coincidentally the same year Trump won the Presidency). Brands such as Dr.Jart+, Sephora, Missha and A’pieu have snail slime or snail cream as the label touts. It can be found in just about all their beauty products, skin creams, lotions and even lipstick.

Below is a list of the worst of these ingredients and what their names are on their label, so you will not know you are smearing snail snoot on you face and lips.

                                 What is in your Makeup Bag?

Actual ingredients           Labeled Ingredients

Snail Slime:                                 “Helix aspersa Muller glycoconjugates”

Whale Vomit:                              “ambergris”

Pigs’, Cow Skin or Bones:                “gelatin” or “collagen”

Ground-up Hooves or Feathers:   “keratin”

Shark Liver Oil:                          “squalene”

Mink Fat:                                     “mink oil”

Animal Urine:                             “urea” or “carbamide”

Baby Placenta or Afterbirth:  “placental polypeptide protein”

Cow or Sheep Fat:                     “tallow”

Cat Glandular Secretions:       “civet oil”

Genital Secretions:                 “musk oil”

Sheep Grease:                         “lanolin”

Crushed Beetles:                    “carmine”

What could be worse than all this nasty ingredients they put in the products. How they harvest the ingredients for their products!


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