Vitamin C Skin Care

Vitamin C is an incredibly significant nutrient that is needed to boost immunity and good health of the body. It is also said to be one of the finest nutrients that safeguards the skin from various types of attacks and disease. Besides, Vitamin C also contains collagen, the vital ingredient which assists in hindering ageing and delays the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines.

Vitamin C is tremendously essential in your food intake to ensure good health and vivacity. Vitamin C skin care follows the topical application method only. This is chiefly because Vitamin C has yet to be successfully integrated into creams, lotions, or other cosmetics as it is as incapable of retaining its unadulterated chemical form when it comes in contact with air. Vitamin C skin care is aimed at utilizing these beneficial properties of the nutrient to make your skin healthier and more beautiful. Facials of Vitamin C in particular are often recommended for improved and healthier skin, more so when the skin has been malnourished for some time.

This requires a massage using a light cream and the assistance of capsules of Vitamin C or fresh fruits that are high in Vitamin C content, like oranges and other citrus fruits. You may also opt for Vitamin C wraps which give terrific results to the skin. Vitamin C soaks are accessible as well for those wanting to dip their entire body in the nutrient.

A lot of studies have proved that a diet which is rich in Vitamin C keeps illnesses away. Investigations have shown that this antioxidant may help save your skin too. Vitamin C promotes production of collagen and fights against the damage of free radicals resulting from stress, exposure to the sun and the harsh atmosphere. The powerful antioxidant properties of Vitamin C avert the appearance of wrinkles and slight lines, slows down the production of melanin and helps in repairing skin that is sun damaged.

Vitamin C plays a key role in producing red blood cells and antibodies, maintains the function of white blood cells, assists in absorbing other nutrients, oversees the functioning of the central nervous system and the brain, and safeguards us against the damage done by free radicals. In totality, the Vitamin C takes part in nearly 300 functions of the body.

To make Vitamin C skin care easier, it is a good practice to use a lotion to protect the skin from atmospheric pollution, which is one of the major culprits producing free radicals. An effective shielding lotion links to the skin’s outer layer to develop a protective covering that keeps the grime and chemicals away.

You could experiment in making your very own Vitamin C serum in your kitchen and can see the difference. However, make sure you remember the shielding lotion that helps keep skin damage at bay will end up making your task a lot easier.

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