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Starting a day care can be quite a task. Coming up with day care names for an establishment is one of the hardest parts of starting one. Why? Because the name is the first thing parents and children see! A name and marquee that is catchy, unique, and thoughtful is more often noticed by the public than those that are not. Even as infants we’re fascinated by colors and shapes, so it’s important to include these in your choices of day care names.

Making A List

Sometimes it can be overwhelming with the swarm of ideas flowing through one’s head while coming up with a name. A list is always helpful for this potential catastrophe. Organization is the key to success, and a list for day care names is a start on the road to running a successful one. Make 3 to 4 columns on a regular sheet of paper. Column number 1 can be for actual names that are different and interesting like “Spots for Tots” and “Children’s Corner,” for example. Column number 2 can be for colors you like, preferably bright and flashy so as to catch attention. Column 3 can be used for lettering types and sizes that are easy to read and understand. Column 4 can be used for shapes or pictures you would like on your marquee. This one of course is optional. Mixing and matching the items in the columns would work well with this type of list. This should make it a little easier to narrow the choices of day care names to about 3 or 4 options.

Choosing The Right Name

Choosing the right name of a business or establishment is absolutely vital. It is the first professional representation to the public. The name in this sense includes the lettering, colors, and shapes/pictures that will be on the marquee. Once the choices are narrowed to about 3 or 4, this task will get a little bit harder because, obviously, they’re all good. After mixing and matching the favorites, draw it out by hand or on a computer to see what it looks like. If there is any doubt, throw it out! This will undoubtedly narrow the choices down to 1 or 2! Now it’s time to do some research, ask friends, family, and even people in the public about your choices. Get opinions from parents, guardians, teachers, and church members and keep a tally so as to figure out which one was more popular.

The Price of a Name

Compared to finding a good deal for the marquee, finding a name was easy! It’s important to do full and accurate research in companies that specialize in this business. Most companies will charge for lettering, colors, and pictures. The easiest way to start is the internet. After narrowing your search this way, you can visit the businesses and talk about deals and savings you may be offered! There are specials offered in the store that are not offered online. Always remember to add “personality” into your business name!

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