Skin Care Tips 101

How unfortunate it is when your best friend suddenly announces her wedding for the next day, leaving you without enough time to even get a facial done. For this very reason I present you some skin care tips that you can follow every day without any extra effort and be prepared for any event and occasion, when-so-ever it may come!

To start with the basics, hygiene is of utmost importance to beauty. Taking regular baths once or twice a day with mild soaps or baby soaps, which are particularly sensitive and soothing on the skin, is a particularly good start. Your hairs need as much attention as the rest of you. Wash them with a gentle shampoo and keep them untangled and combed. If you are new to taking care of your hair, you will discover in just a few days how big a difference well-kept hair makes to the way you look. Taking your daily bath in lukewarm water is particularly good for the skin. Applying soap to the face should be done carefully, massaging your face in circular motions, and washing the lather off thoroughly. After the bath, dry your face with a towel without rubbing the towel against the skin. To finish up your bath, apply a cleanser on the face to get rid of the dirt clogged in the pores of the skin. Many over-the-counter solutions such as benzoyl peroxide work very well for this.

You may start wondering why I am pointing fingers at your lifestyle when I’m supposed to be giving you skin care tips. Here’s why – Your skin is not just a protective covering; it is a reflection of your inner health. If you have as small a problem as acne and rashes, it indicates that some machinery of your body is working too hard or too less or without proper input. Whatever it may be, it is a sure-shot sign that your inner health is not what it should be. Changing your lifestyle does wonders to your outer beauty. The age-old adage, “Beauty is skin deep” was not said in vain, after all!

If your diet includes a lot of what we call “junk” food, high-sugar content or fried foods, you need to know that these are your body’s and skin’s worst enemies. Instead of these include in your diet fresh fruits, salads, and whole meal breads. Coffee and carbohydrates need to be cut down as much as possible too, and proteins need to fill in for them in your diet. Perhaps the best skin care tip I can give anyone is to drink plenty of water. Water is your skin’s best friend! It flushes out toxins from your body and helps hydrate and nourish your skin. Drink as much as you want – there is no such thing as “too much water”!

If you stay stressed, your skin will inevitably show that. Get rid of the stress now – join yoga classes. Sweating off the stress is also a great idea. Daily exercise does wonders to your skin. After your work-out, take a sauna or steam bath and relax that extra bit. Sweating makes the dirt clogged in your skin pores get flushed out and off. If you follow these simple skin care tips, you are sure to be ready for the red carpet!

Dr. Edward J Files is an accomplished website developer and author.

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