List of Sports Bar Franchises

It’s Thursday night, the game is on; you’ve got cold beer and wings and all of your friends. It’s a great night at your local pub, right? Right! That’s what the owners are thinking too. Do you think you can do it better?? Perhaps your sports bar would have more TV’s, colder beer, and a better menu. Hey it’s your dream, do it up right.

Have you ever thought about buying a ready-made business? There are lots of franchise opportunities that will make your business dream come true. Here is a list of sports bar franchises that are available.

o The Tilted Kilt, Pub and Eatery where they say, a Cold Beer Never Looked So Good!
o Beef O’Bradys, Family Sports Pub
o Jackson All American Sports Grill
o Wingers Grill and Pub
o Firkin Pubs
o Prime Pubs/D’Arcy McGees
o Indigo Joes
o Jock and Jill’s Sports Bar
o Bennigan’s
o Buffalo’s Southwest Grill

Honestly, these are probably just the tips of the iceberg, but definitely the most available for sale. All of these businesses require at least a $200,000 to a $500,000 liquid capital investment leading to a one million to a 1.5 million total capital investment. The best part is these businesses come with a business plan and training for management and employees.


Here is the caveat – you just can’t open a franchise in your hometown if your hometown is in the woods. You really need to have enough traffic to make sure your investment is worthwhile. So if you do live in the woods find the closest metropolitan location and look there. Make sure the franchise you’re thinking about doesn’t already exist there and then start your research.

For example, The Tilted Kilt Pub and Eatery is a fairly fast growing franchise that already has locations in Texas, Florida, Wisconsin, Arizona and California. No one in New York has ever heard of it, so you have a huge opportunity to bring something bright and new to the area.

Beef O’Bradys has locations available all over the U.S. and Jackson’s All American Grill is primarily located in Colorado, Wyoming and Texas. Wingers Grill and Pub has most of their stores in the Northwestern states but are currently working on opening franchises in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Tennessee and Puerto Rico.

Did you know that Applebee’s and Hooters are franchises? Hooters are actually one of the lower liquid capital investment opportunities available coming in at only $75,000 with a total investment of $800,000 to 1.5 million.

The Tilted Kilt has a program that is designed help new entrepreneurs who don’t have that initial investment. All you have to do is send them a resume, proving to them that you have what it takes to run a restaurant and they will set you up with investors or other franchisees that will help you get started.

So, armed with all this list of sports bar franchises, the next time you sit back with a cold beer, wings, the football game and all of your friends, you might just be the owner of the bar.

Dr. Edward J Files is an accomplished website developer and author.

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