Would You Like to Own a Dairy Queen Franchise

America, land of opportunity! How many times have you heard that line? Well, it has never been more true than today. Dairy Queen Franchise opportunities keep the American dream alive. Have you ever considered owning a restaurant? What better restaurant to own than Dairy Queen? It has some of America’s favorite food, and don’t forget about the DQ treats that has ball players of all ages heading to the closest Dairy Queen after every game to celebrate.

Dairy Queen Franchise opportunities are available for those who want to own a popular and exciting restaurant that continues to grow every year since the first store opened in 1940. For the serious franchise hopeful Dairy Queen offers three programs to choose from, depending on whether you want to own a single store or multiple units.

Standard Program

Do you have experience operating a restaurant or retail store? If you have the financial resources to invest in your own business and want to be responsible for the day-to-day operation of a restaurant business, this program is for you.

Multi-unit Developer

If you are serious about owning multiple restaurants and looking to add to your portfolio, you need to check with Dairy Queen concerning this program. There are plenty of areas available for new and existing, multiple unit development.

Investor Program

If you are serious about owning a restaurant but don’t plan on being active in the everyday operation, this program could be for you. You can invest in the Dairy Queen name and appoint your own manager (who must have a vested interest in the restaurant) to be responsible for the operation of the store.

Dairy Queen has one of the most outstanding support services available in the restaurant business. Every restaurant manager knows that location is critical to the success of his business. That’s why Dairy Queen appoints a Real Estate Manager to work with you in reviewing site criteria and market trade areas. If you would prefer to invest in a DQ Orange Julius Treat Center, Dairy Queen will assign a Lease Manager to review potential sites and negotiate a lease with mall developers. Dairy Queen is committed to helping you succeed. They will train you and your managers to prepare you for success, as well as provide you with continued field support.

Financial Requirements

A DQ Grill & Chill restaurant requires a net worth of $750,000 with liquid assets of $400,000 with $300,000 available as cash equity. For the less hardy investor, a DQ Orange Julius Treat Center may be more suited to your wallet. That requires a net worth of $200,000 with liquid assets of $175,000 of which $125,000 is available for cash equity.

It’s not too late to call about Dairy Queen Franchise opportunities. With today’s economy, you could not find a better investment or a more fun environment to be part of. You can be sure of one thing, you’ll be glad you did.

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