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Works at home jobs are great! They allow us to be at home with our children, set our own schedules, etc. There are lots of ways to work from home, and a lot of work at home franchises out there on the market today. They range from pet grooming to babysitting to just about anything you can imagine. You name it, they’ve got it.

While there are many ways to work from home, and many options today for the stay at home mom, work at home franchises are possibly the most lucrative, as there is a niche market for just about everybody.

There can be a lot of lucrative niches out there for people willing to make their money in a work at home franchise. Here are a few of the more lucrative business franchises out there that can allow you to work from home:

Filing medical claims for doctors offices, using the internet. This is an interesting one. With a start-up cost of nineteen grand, it’s not cheap, either. Once you’re licensed and have set up the special program on your computer, you start filing claims for doctors offices. This can be a good business to get into, as people will always have health needs, and there will always be claims to file.

Training dogs at home! As an at-home dog trainer of a franchise, you can set your own hours, set your own price, have the luxury of training dogs in either your home or the customers, truly a convenience. Perfect for the person who loves animals and wouldn’t mind learning how to train dogs.

With Partyland, you can truly be the master of the party. Helping people to bring customers their perfect party for years, this franchise is best for all-around parties. From kid’s Halloween parties to luaus, Partyland is the best franchise around.

Now around the world in over four hundred markets, Clubz In-Home Tutoring Services is the ideal in work from home businesses. This franchise lets you tutor kids wherever they are: at home or in their parent’s office. And for a start up of only twenty-five to thirty thousand, this franchise is relatively low to start.

Dominos Delivery Services is another franchise, although this one is relatively more expensive. For about seventy thousand, you can get started in this business delivering pizzas to customers wherever you live, bringing them awesome pizza and even better service.

These are just a few of the franchises you can use to work at home. There are of course many more: food services, pet grooming services, are pretty popular right now. So whatever you do, have fun with it, and remember! This is so you can stay home with the family. Enjoy it!

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