Why Window Cleaning is a Great Choice as a Small Business

If you are considering investing in small businesses, take a look at the window cleaning business. From the look of it, window cleaning seems a little shaky to invest in. But if you spare a few minutes to do some research, you will come across facts and statistics that shatter the myth. This means that there is huge potential in securing long-term customers and getting regular work for your business.

The second fact that makes window cleaning a very good option for a small business is the initial startup and running costs. There is very little initial investment required and you can run it from home. And all the expenses that you will incur will be that of manual labor. Oh, wait we forgot the biggies; advertising, marketing and insurance. Did I bust your bubble? Oh, wait we forgot the best kept secret of the 21st century, “Franchising.” When you buy a franchise of a name brand company like, Sears, you receive a complete portfolio of marketing plans. Bet you didn’t know that Sears was in the cleaning business, did you? Yes, Sears and many large companies that you have heard of for one of their other businesses are also diversifying into areas normally reserved for the small business owner, through franchising.

Window cleaning as a business does not require a lot of time on your part, either. There is not much planning involved. You just need to find good manual laborers and coordinate and manage their schedules. This leaves you with a lot of spare time to devote to other part time businesses, or to your family. This is one reason this business is ideal for house-wives looking to spend their time productively after the children have gone to college, and help pay for that education also.

The Profits and the Numbers

If you manage your franchised window cleaning business well enough, you can earn a full time salary in a part-time business. The National Home Builders Association estimated around 110 million family homes and office buildings in the United States with over four billion windows in all. If your home is located in a large city such as Los Angles, you will discover that your business will soar within a matter of months. Businesses and homes in cities like Los Angles are in need of discovering a cleaner that is available whenever they require one, they will jump at your franchised business and keep coming back.

The risks involved with window cleaning businesses are very small. The U.S. Commerce Department estimated that a window cleaning franchise has an 85% chance of being in business two years after starting the business, whereas a non-franchised business had just 35% to their favor. The cost of manual labor should not be more than $5 to $10 an hour, whereas you can charge $25 to $35 per hour for cleaning. Taking into consideration that every cleaning project requires a four hour minimum on an average, you will be earning $100’s a day from one home or business. If you are interested further, do a market search and start gaining the knowledge you need for your franchise. Go on the internet and fill out request forms for information on franchising. Remember, the best kept secret of the 21st century is franchising.

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