Are you considering getting into the food business? You are probably sifting through the pages of entrepreneur magazine, wondering if a fast food business might be your calling. You could open your own restaurant if you have a really good recipe, a good location, and a high net worth. So how can you make a lot of money without reinventing the wheel or putting your family at risk? You can open a fast food franchise and oversee every aspect of the operation, but with help from a corporate home office.
Franchised fast-food operations have several benefits that they can offer potential business owners.

  • Most franchises today, with the exception of McDonald’s and a few others, require a lot of money to start. You can sign a franchise agreement and pay back money as you run the business.
  • A Corporate office handles advertising, market studies, inventories, sales, and just about anything you can think of for your franchise. You don’t even have to decorate your store front. The corporate office will make certain that you maintain continuity with other franchises across the country.
  • The corporate office also helps with behind the scenes business management. These are things like accounting, supply chain management, how to process orders, vendor procurement, customer service and other operational management issues.

Even with fad diets and health nuts running rampant across the country, items like donuts, hamburgers, sub sandwiches, steaks, burritos, and pasta also sell very well across our busy nation. People don’t have the time to cook like as families become more and more busy. Customers recognize franchise brands and are extremely loyal to their favorite places because they know that they get the same order every time.

While there are drawbacks to owning a franchise, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.

  • High startup cost is one drawback, as you will have a franchise fee as well as some initial front-end cost. The typical franchise business investor should have from $50,000.00 to $5,000,000.00 up front cash.

While this seems scary at first, realize that you are paying a franchise fee to get the training and support to get a business off the ground. The equipment and inventory will finance itself over the first few years. The fees you pay will be worth it because you won’t make near the mistakes in dollars or time that non franchise restaurants make. If you are interested, you should research some fast-food franchises’ and ask questions about what it would take to get started today. It may surprise how quickly and cheaply you can get going!

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