A part-time or full-time cleaning business may be one of the easiest businesses to start on a shoestring. Here are some tips on starting a cleaning business to get you started.

  1. Buy your cleaning supplies at a wholesale or discount club. You can get much better deals on bulk cleaning supplies at a warehouse club like Costco, and they’ll last longer because they come in bigger sizes.
  2. Print flyers and hand them out in your neighborhood, to friends, and at businesses in your area. You can buy professional looking stationery online or at office supply stores, and print your own flyers on your computer’s printer, keeping the costs down.
  3. You don’t need a vacuum to get started. If you can’t afford one, offer a small discount to the customer if you use their vacuum.
  4. Here’s one of the most important tips on starting a cleaning business. Research other cleaning services in your area, and find out what they are charging for homes and businesses. Keep your price competitive when you give quotes for a job. If you’re too cheap, people may not trust the quality of your cleaning, and they may not use you if you’re too expensive.
  5. Learn how to clean professionally. If you do a shoddy job, you won’t keep your customers for long. Consider working for a cleaning service for a while to see how they do it. You can always use at least some of the wages you earn as your start-up cash for your own cleaning business.
  6. Any tips for starting a cleaning business should include organization. You need to be organized to clean effectively and make sure you clean each room thoroughly. Many professional cleaners recommend starting at one corner of each room and working your way around it. That way, when you get back to your starting point you’ll know you cleaned the entire room and didn’t miss anything.
  7. Listen to your clients. Some of them may be picky about what cleaning products you use, or how you clean their homes. They may have precious antiques or mementos. If they have special requirements, write them down in a small notebook and keep it with your cleaning supplies. Listen to their concerns and likes and dislikes to keep them satisfied customers.
  8. Be on time, and always be professional. You may develop friendships with some of your clients, but always act professionally anyway. Don’t be late, and if you have to cancel or change an appointment, give them plenty of notice.
  9. Look for the details. Don’t be in such a rush that you leave a client’s home “half” clean. Check for cobwebs, dusty baseboards, dirty lamps and light fixtures, and clean them on a rotating basis. Your client will thank you and tell others about your good work, too.
  10. Keep good records and pay your taxes! Keep good business records, and claim your income on your tax return. You can take off the cost of expenses and other items related to your business, but always check with an accountant before you file your taxes.

These tips for starting a cleaning service should help get you on the way to owning your own business in no time.

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