In this new age time some companies are replacing their archaic industrial solvents with more eco-friendly ones. The solvents used in industrial cleaners are becoming more effective while also doing more for the planet. One of the leaders in the green industrial cleaners market, Elgene Chemical, has a huge variety of ‘safe’ solvents. Their top-selling product, Fabulene, is water based biodegradable degreaser which has the added effect of rust and corrosion inhibition.

T2 Laboratories is another example of a producer of environmentally friendly solvents that are used in industrial cleaners. They produce a turpentine-based solvent which is a main part of the pine tree. They also make a paraffin remover for oil and gas wells which cleans twice as effectively as the existing products while keeping workers out of harm’s way.

Fine Organic Chemicals LTD is a South African based company with a veritable bevy of environmentally safe products. They produce everything from bagged concretes, to degreasers, to floor and apron cleaners. This goes to show that the green clean movement is on a global scale and it’s time for you to get involved.

Even companies such as the Bayer Corporation are getting in on the enviro-clean action. They created a biodegradable chelating agent. Chelating is the binding of molecules, usually organic in nature. They realized that their old method of chelating was very inefficient and created a lot of undesirable, unusable bi-products. They had their scientists come up with a new safer technology that not only was cleaner and more efficient; it also created usable bi-products which can be used in commercial sanitation products.

There are, however, companies in the industrial cleaners and solvents world who still clean to the “old school” way of doing things. Applied Hydro Technologies does not market any of their chemicals as environmentally friendly. With everything from highly acidic aluminum solvents to drain cleaning active bacterium, this company gets thumbs down on the green clean.

The Pizzo Limited Industrial Chemical Corporation is another example of a stubborn company. The majority of their cleaners rely on the solvent ether, which is hazardous to both the workers and the environment. They also market cleaners with a base of butyl acetate and glycerin both of which are very unsafe.

With today’s increasing demand to be more environmentally friendly, the smart money says to get behind the company that is already doing just that. Why wait around for a company that may or may not change its ways when you’ve already got one that is waiting in the wings. The future of industrial solvents is a green one so why not start pushing that way now? Not only is it a smart move from a sales standpoint, many of these new ‘green chemicals’ are much safer for the workers to handle, reducing employer and franchiser liability.

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