Suede and Leather Dry Cleaning

Many people are finding that, despite what they may have believed before, suede and leather dry cleaning is something that they can handle very easily in their own home. When people learn to wash clothes, they often realize that there is a vast difference between clothes that are made from plant fiber and those that are made from animal products; this is why wool is such a difficult material to deal with. Leather and suede are another story, and you can see that there is a good reason that this has become such a specialized area of business.

No matter what sort of material you are washing, dry cleaning at the most basic level, is laundry that is cleaned without water. Instead, the waterless cleaner will use a combination of a solvent and heat to make sure that the stains can be lifted from your clothing. This is ideal for leather and suede because these materials have been stripped of water resistant properties and as such can sustain a lot of damage if they come in too much contact with water. For instance, suede especially will stain on contact.

When considering suede and leather dry cleaning, you should keep in mind the fact that the solvents that are being used to clean them are considered quite harsh. Though cleaning is thought to be a gentler process, this may not necessarily be the case. For instance perchlorethylene, also known as perc, is a common cleaner used in the cleaning leather, but it is also considered a hazardous air pollutant by the Clean Air Act. Always remember to air out your leather or suede before wearing it again.

When thinking about suede and leather cleaning, you will find that there is a great deal of work that is involved, but the thing that we need to think about is what the article of clothing itself recommends. You’ll find that there are a variety of different products that you can buy to take care of your own cleaning safely at home. If you buy leather new, you will find that speaking to the salesperson about what is necessary to keep it cleaned can save you a lot of headaches further down the line. Keep in mind that not only does the leather need to be repaired but the lining does too.

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into the suede and leather cleaning industry. Take the time to make sure that you know what you are looking at when it comes to suede and leather cleaning, and make sure that this is an industry that you are familiar with, especially if you have a leather jacket that you love!

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