Planning to start a business that requires low initial investment, is in demand throughout the year, fast to start and easy to learn? Then consider starting up a cleaning business. All it requires is a positive attitude, honesty, reliability, communication skills and a little bit of investment. Clients are not limited to households. There is a wide range to cover and provide cleaning services for. Banks, insurance companies, small businesses, professionals like dentists and physicians and retail showrooms among others can be part of your clientele.

Before you jump into starting up a cleaning business, decide what kind of cleaning service you want to offer. To provide service as a janitor, you will have to vacuum carpets, mop and wax floors and dust the furniture, clean electrical equipment like fans and lights. In addition to households, small offices, solo professionals and warehouses require janitorial services. The startup cost is very less and if you have been cleaning your home you require no additional training.

Carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning service on the other hand requires some training in handling equipment especially if you are going to offer deep cleaning. To keep the initial investment down, you can rent carpet cleaning machines. Some of the services you could be offering would include spot and stain removal, odor control, carpet dyeing and restoration in addition to general carpet cleaning services.

With respect to the type of cleaning service you want to setup, remember that, to earn more, you have to invest more in terms of both training and equipment. No doubt, carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning are the most lucrative among the cleaning services.

Once you have decided what type of service you want to offer on starting up a cleaning business, next comes the initial planning. Give a distinct name to your business. Avoid including your name in the business title. Come up with something that is easy to remember and stands out.

Work out your initial investment. How much you can spend initially will help you in deciding the charges for your service. Make a list of all the equipment and material you need and it’s cost. Include transportation charges. If you plan on advertising your service, include it in the budget.

What should you charge for your service? You don’t want to charge too much or too little. The best way to set a price tag to your service is to find out what your city competitors are charging. Call up some well known and not so well known cleaning services and inquire about their charges. Once you have the data, analyze it against you initial investment and come out with a figure that you feel is comfortable for you as well as the customer you are going to target.

Now comes the tough part, acquiring your first customer. You have to spread the word around about your new cleaning business. Tell your friends, place ads in classifieds, issue leaflets. You can even start a promotional scheme for providing free basic cleaning for a limited period. It could be days before you get a client. Don’t give up. Initially you have to focus and spend both time and money to acquire new clients. With the quality of your service and business skills you can retain most of them for repeat business.

For sure shot success in starting up a cleaning business, start small, get a foot hold, establish your base, build your clientele and then expand.

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