Starting a home inventory photography business is relatively easy, and you’ll be providing a service that just about everyone can use. To start your home inventory photography business, you’ll need some basic items. They include:

  1. Digital camera or video camera.
  2. Inventory checklist.
  3. CD/DVDs to store customer’s images.
  4. Printer.
  5. Computer.

There are some companies that specialize in home inventory businesses, and they provide software that helps you organize your clients and their possessions, and that they can use to view their inventory photographs. You might want to invest in one of these programs to help grow your business as it expands.

Once you have your equipment, contact local attorneys, insurance agents, accountants, and tell them about your services. Ask them to recommend your service to their clients who are concerned about home inventories. Soon, you’ll gain experience and exposure as more people become aware of your vital service.

To do a home inventory, you need to photograph each room of the client’s home, including any art objects, collectibles, or antiques they may have. For insurance purposes, it is good to show as much of the room as you can, too, so that if there is some kind of damage or disaster, the insurance company can see the placement of doors, windows, etc.

You can do close-up shots of special collections and other objects, and it’s a good idea to show the infrastructure of the house, too, like the garage, attic, laundry room, heater, water heater, etc. This helps the client show what kind of appliances and other items they have in the home, in case of damage or disaster. Show bathrooms, closets, and bedrooms, too, they all have items that will need to be replaces in a worst-case scenario.

Once you have photographed all the items in the house, upload the photos to your computer, and copy them on to a CD/DVD. Then you can keep a copy in a safe place, and give a copy to your client. That way, if they need the photos, they know that you will have a copy available in case theirs is lost in an accident.

You can also fill out an inventory checklist in your computer, and print that out for your clients, so they have a paper copy of what is included on the CD/DVD. This helps them remember everything in their home in case of loss, and it can go into a safe deposit box or other safe place, so there is always a copy available.

Starting a home inventory photography business is a great way to make extra money, but to provide a really vital service, too. People often don’t take the time to itemize their possessions until it is too late, and you can help them ensure they have all their items listed in case of an accident. In addition, you can contact your former clients every few years to update their inventories, to make sure they are current and reflect new purchases or changes in their belongings. That means that you have an ongoing home inventory photography business that will continue to grow and expand over time!

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