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Running a sports bar is a very profitable business when walking in with the proper knowledge and equipment. Knowing where to start and what items to purchase beforehand will enable you to grow your business quickly and efficiently. So, what are the items that are needed? Listed below are sports bar supplies that are an ultimate must have. Be sure to add them to your list to maximize your opening business potential, or increase your current business.

Top supplies for any sports bar:

Bar stools: bar stools should be attractive and comfortable. The perfect bar stool would remain within the sports bar theme and not appear to fancy. Remember, the idea is to be inviting and to provoke a longer period of daily use.

4-Top tables: 4-top tables are space efficient and invite a more relaxed crowd. The basic design allows for easy maneuverability by customers and easier re-organizing for bar owners.

Beer: beer is the one top selling beverage at any sports bar and a must have on any sports bar supplies list. A wide variety will cover the preference of a larger crowd. Be sure to keep domestics and add a few specialty beers to put you on the map.

Beer taps: allows for disbursement of draft beer. Stainless steel is easy to clean and reduces build up within the tap when properly maintained.

CO2 lines: CO2 will keep beer kegs properly pressurized and allow for the distribution of over 90% of the beer from the keg.

Liquor: a variety of liquor, mixers and flavorings allow for the mixing of various shots, mixed drinks, and non-alcoholic drinks.

Bar supplies: there are a wide number of sports bar supplies that are needed to enable a bar to perform properly.

Mandatory items for daily use will be:

  • Bar rags needed to keep bars properly cleaned
  • Pourers enables proper poring and reduces contamination
  • Shot glasses allows for individual sales of liquor
  • Rocks glasses good for liquor on the rocks, double shots, and soda mixes
  • Flutes allows for more liquid to be added to liquor beverages
  • Soda cups for distribution of non-alcoholic beverages
  • Jiggers enables proper measurement of liquor
  • Bar napkins reduces rings and condensation on table/bar tops
  • Stirrers keeps drinks sanitary by reducing cross contamination
  • Fruit trays needed to hold condiments for drinks
  • Cleaning products allows for cleanliness and sterilization
  • Bottle openers stationary item to open beer bottles

The proper list of sports bar supplies will ensure that the bar is functional, easily maintained, delivers proper disbursement of beverages and remains professional. These basic supplies also help the bar to remain within the guidelines of liquor laws pertaining to its state.

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