Selling Solar Power RV Products

The beauty of having an RV is the freedom to go just about anywhere you can drive it. The beauty of selling solar power RV products is that they allow those freedom seekers to have the convenience of power just about anywhere the sun shines! That includes the boondocks where people venture to avoid overcrowded campgrounds. Today, with consumers demanding ecologically safe products, staying nearer to home for travel, and cutting expenses on all fronts, the RV accessory market is ready for solar power products and their advantages.

Solar meets all those requirements: it does no harm to the environment (just soaks up the sunshine), it saves the wild environment from the destruction of invasive power lines, it allows RV users to stay closer to home but access more remote territory because they can carry their power source with them, and finally, it saves money. You don’t have to pay for electric use, ever.

On the money front, some solar equipment does have a heavier front end expense than traditional equipment, but the running expenses are virtually zero. You can power anything with solar that you can with traditional power sources. Solar batteries are designed in smaller sizes for the RV market.

Kits for solar RV power are sold in a variety of sizes, up to 110 watts. They are easy to install. Systems can be made more powerful with optional expansion modules. Complete basic smaller starter systems are priced from about $600 to about $1100, according to power levels. More complex systems for larger RV use list price up to $10,000. Typical kits may include, as needed, solar panels, inverters, fusing, charge controllers, wiring, switches, mounting kits and instructions.

Higher wattage means faster charging of batteries. It also means more sales for the person selling solar power RV products including storage batteries. More panels also means more sales of wiring, and charge controllers. Over time, people usually settle on what they need, but once used to the convenience of solar power, they remain loyal customers. Portable solar panels offer convenience because you can move them from a shady spot into the sunny areas if needed. They also are attractive to nearby campers, and help spread the word about solar RV power.

Selling solar power RV products is extending into a large consumer market with smaller size availability, another good opportunity. Solar power accessories come in very small sizes, like 5 watt foldable solar panels, which can power items like GPS, cell phones, fish finders and other personal electronics. The 5, 10 and 20 watt unbreakable solar thin flexible panels are becoming popular, even seen on fishing kayaks and on backpacks. Average solar panel life is expected to be twenty-five years, with some estimates upwards to forty years. Even then they should still produce 80% of their capacity.

Bringing solar power to the boondocks has finally come of age in the RV market. It’s time to get on board the solar power beam and diversify your RV solar product line-up.

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