There are innumerable examples of businesses with a very simple concept but a new and powerful one that have crossed all parameters of success and established themselves in the market firmly. The RV cleaning business is one of them. It is one of the businesses that need time and effort to start and put together, but one when established has unbelievable monetary returns. If you take the word of the few soldiers waving the flag of this business, you will very willingly believe that this is a great opportunity for a small business for anyone with the right determination and knowledge.

Cleaning an RV can get you from anywhere around $30 to $ 150. Most RV cleaning services charge customers on the basis of the type of RV being cleaned. The charge for cleaning a Class-A Motorhome is very high, often over $100. If you are using equipments like a high-pressure machine to clean the vehicle with, you can do the job within an hour. That proves how much you can make through this business. The brighter side of the story for individuals looking at RV cleaning as a business option is that the RV renting business in the United States and Europe is enormous, while RV cleaning is a hugely unexplored market!

There are various services that can be offered by an RV cleaning franchise. Looking at them, you will know how you can expand and convert your RV cleaning business into a very profitable one within no time.

Services Offered by RV Cleaning Franchises:

Starting an RV cleaning franchise requires you to choose a location where you can make maximum profits within the first day of starting your business. Obviously, trailer parks are a very good location to start with. Just tell your cleaner to go to these parks and offer window cleaning for RVs. Window cleaning can get you from $15 to $30 an hour. You can also offer to clean lights and tires. When your franchise’s name is not so unknown anymore, which should take about a month of distributing fliers in RV parks and doing rounds offering services uncalled, you can extend the business to cleaning interiors, like carpets, toilets, vacuum cleaning beds and furniture, etc.

The cost for a thorough cleaning of the whole RV can be around $100, or around $30 an hour. Cleaning a regular sized RV will not take more than two hours. The running expenses, on the other hand, for you, will include $5-$10 per hour of labor. The equipment, advertising and traveling costs can be higher than other cleaning businesses, but you will get a higher return in RV cleaning, and the first two days of the job should pay you back for all the equipment you buy initially.

As with any other business, do your research, get the required knowledge and plan out your goals well in advance.

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