As the world progresses towards an era of professionals, fewer homes are left with the traditional homemakers that clean and maintain them. This has given a huge impetus to the residential cleaning business. Estimated to be worth $60 billion, the residential cleaning business is growing at the rate of around 20% for the last five years. This is good news for you if you are considering taking up a residential cleaning franchise as it lowers the risk of failure considerably.

Buying a residential cleaning franchise as opposed to starting your own residential cleaning business has many benefits. The franchisers are willing to offer financial support for the advertising and marketing required for your business. They train you, offer help with recruitment, lay out budgets and even provide you with uniforms that help your business by establishing professionalism and promote it through the brand names reputation.

The initial investment for residential cleaning franchises varies from franchiser to franchiser, but is around $50,000 on an average. The advantage, besides the initial investment which is still comparatively low, of taking up a residential cleaning franchise is the low running costs involved with the business. Equipment required to do the job are few and cheap, manual labor is cheap too. Another advantage of the business is that break-even is reached within a year, often even within six to ten months.

There are various services you can offer from your residential cleaning franchise; cleaning windows, carpets, kitchens, toilets, bedrooms, draperies, dust cleaning, vacuum cleaning are some of the services residential cleaning franchises offer. As your business expands, you can include a larger number and variety of services, which is the beauty of this business.

You can choose to run your business from home, which saves you a lot of expenses. However, choosing to operate your franchise from a highly populated area close to many residential locations will certainly be beneficial to your business. You have to develop a good marketing strategy, distributing fliers and handbills near recreational locations, to the doorsteps of residences and even in commercial areas.

Residential cleaning franchises, overall, have a lower initial investment than most businesses, are a growing market sector, have cheap running costs, do not require a lot of market knowledge or effort and can be made immensely profitable with basic management skills.

Do your research before you choose a franchiser and make sure you have enough capital to be able to run your business for the first three months on your own. Remember, franchising is the best kept secret of the 21st Century!

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