Quizno’s Sandwich Franchises

Quizno”s sandwich began its business in 1981. By 1991, it was extremely popular among weight conscience people, so Rick Schaden along with his father, purchased the whole company. Business magazines introduced the restaurant and the posters were placed on advertisement boards. Thus, Quizno’s sandwich became one of the most popular restaurants in the world. Today, there are over 4000 Quizno’s sandwich restaurants in United States, 300 in Canada and 100 in 13 other countries. Therefore, if you decide to start a sandwich shop business, think of franchising opportunities to purchase a Quizno’s sandwich franchise. Quizno’s sandwich franchises are a big advantage and bring great benefit to your business.

There are many reasons as well as advantages of purchasing a Quizno’s sandwich franchises.

When you start your business, it is obvious that you need to advertise it to people so they become aware of your business. Therefore, you need capital to invest in marketing and advertising. More capital will be needed to train your staff, hire cooks, make recipes for tasty food, etc. What if you can start your business without all this brain work? Consider buying a brand name franchise like a Quizno’s, the company is extremely popular because of healthy food and high standards. So if you purchase a Quizno’s sandwich franchise, you won’t need capital to invest in advertisement because the franchiser has already done the work for you. The company would also provide training for your staff along with cooks and recipes. However, you also have some responsibilities. Remember to live up to their standards and represent your restaurant as their outlet. Only then you will be able to earn maximum profit.

Now if you want to choose a location for your restaurant, choose a place where there are few other sandwich outlets. For example, very unique places where there are no Quizno’s sandwich outlets, but other eating establishments. Good locations for a Quizno’s Franchise would be around college campuses and in mini-malls. So if it’s a busy place, then your restaurant would be full of happy people who do not waste time at lunch but want to be weight conscience and healthy.

Franchising is the best kept secret of the 21st Century. However, you should keep in mind the policies of the franchiser and whether it will allow you to extend your territory. Also remember to ask the franchiser if they would allow you to sell your franchise to someone else and if they would provide you with financial aid to defray initial startup cost. A typical franchise can be bought for around $20 to $25,000.00.

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