Operating a Successful Cleaning Business

So you’ve purchased, or franchised a cleaning business. What now? Depending, of course on the specifics of your franchisee agreement, you may have several choices immediately ahead of you. You may have to find and hire staff, you may have to hunt down customers and present yourself to them with bids, hoping to get their business. Or you may have everything all lined out for you and all you have to do is commit the money and everything will be made to happen. There are a few things you should remember that are universal to operating a successful cleaning business.

First, you should always remember your customer and their desires for how they want their building to appear are the most important consideration. Remember too, that the building can look very different in the light of day when the client sees it, rather than from when you or your employees see it at night.

Consider the janitor service that couldn’t seem to make a customer happy, despite daily wipe downs of a window. Employees still felt the entry way was dark and uninviting. The janitorial franchisee went on several occasions and watched employees carefully clean the window, and even had them change cleaning products. Only when the owner went in the day light to meet with the customer did the problem become evident. A skylight that was not among the assigned cleaning areas was covered with years of grime. No amount of cleaning the picture window daily could remedy it, and nothing but looking at the area by day would reveal it. Remember what your customer wants is most important.

The next most important thing to remember is to hire good people. When you have good people working for you, ones you can trust with your customer’s keys and your equipment, then it becomes easy to run a successful cleaning business. You want employees who will conscientiously and completely clean the buildings, and take care of the equipment you provide for them to do so. It’s also vital to hire cleaning people who will not only clean the building and take care of your equipment, but will also show up to work. It does no good to hire people who do a good job while taking excellent care of equipment if they don’t show up for work. It’s hard to run a successful cleaning business if your employees don’t come to do the work.

The last important consideration to running a successful cleaning business is providing the proper cleaning supplies for your employees to do their job. Your business won’t succeed if your cleaning people don’t have glass cleaner for windows, good furniture polish for real wood, cleaning solutions that are safe for plastic surfaces, and rags and mop heads to do the cleaning. It is extremely important to provide for your employees everything they need to do the job properly and make your cleaning business look good. All these three things go hand in hand to running a successful cleaning business.

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