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With people today valuing their dogs as members of the family more than ever before, opening a dog day care business is a lucrative opportunity for a dog lover with a little business sense. To be a successful operator of a dog day care, you need to target the right clientele, maintain a facility that appeals to both dogs and their people, and offer special services that keep clients returning to your dog day care rather.

People who bring their dogs to day care usually fall into one of two camps: Those who busy during the day and wants to make sure their dogs are stimulated throughout the day and those who travel and want to board their dog for overnight stays-or longer. When you plan a dog day care business, it’s most profitable to specialize in targeting clients who want their dogs to come back to your facility on a daily or at least weekly basis. These clients are the ones who will provide a reliable income stream if you keep their dogs happy and engaged. Offering overnight boarding is an added bonus for your clients, but this can take additional staffing and more extensive facilities than a day care that operates only during the day.

Once you determine your clientele, you can design your dog care business facilities. You’ll need to think about the needs of the people and the needs of the dogs. People need to feel like you’re offering not just a safe and clean facility for their dogs, but like you’re giving their dogs a fun play experience-from the moment they walk into your business’ door.

As for the dogs, they need to feel safe and comfortable. They also need opportunities to socialize and play with the other dogs at the day care, as well as opportunities to be alone if they prefer. A well-fenced and sheltered yard full of play opportunities, including places where dogs can dig, is a necessity to give dogs a good socialization experience. However, you also need multiple indoor runs so you can separate groups of dogs-especially if your business becomes large. This way, you can let out small groups of dogs throughout the day and they’ll never get out of control. Indoor runs also help you separate dogs from each other, should there be spats.

Consider, too, how you’ll set yourself apart from the competition. You can focus on meeting the special needs of dogs, such as offering orthopedic beds for senior dogs or helping recovering dogs with physical therapy. Alternately, furnishing individual kennels in unique ways can make people feel better about leaving their dogs with you. Another idea is to provide additional services like training, grooming or massage for the dogs who stay at your day care. Focus on what you would want for your own dog to decide your direction.

If you’re a dog lover, you’ll find that a dog day care business provides a way for you to make a living doing what you enjoy.

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