Necessary Items to Detail Automobiles

When starting a car detailing business, or just detailing your own personal car, there are a few car detailing supplies that are needed to get the job done properly. The first step in detailing a car is give the car a basic wash, preferable with something that will strip any residual wax that the car may already have on it, that way you start your detailing from scratch.

Now it is time to start detailing, and some needed car detailing supplies to have on hand are:

  • sponges
  • microfiber towels
  • A good paste or liquid wax
  • wax applicator pads
  • drying towels
  • detailing brushes for the interior
  • carpet cleaner
  • shop vacuum
  • interior plastic dressings
  • tire dressing

Many of these items can be obtained from automotive specialty stores or local hometown stores that have an automotive section. Many new products are available to make car detailing easier as well as to give a better shine. Manufacturers of liquid wax now offer “synthetic wax” which is very easy to remove and gives a deep shine. Wax typically should be applied at least twice a year, one before summer and once before winter.

Cotton towels are now being replaced with newer microfiber towels, which are said to not leave scratches on painted surfaces. Wax applicator pads are now available in both cotton and microfiber styles. A good set of quality 100% cotton or microfiber drying towels should be used to thoroughly dry the car before applying any wax. These towels should be kept for automobile use only and washed separately from household towels.

Having a proper area to clean and detail automobiles will make the job go by much more efficiently. It is best to wax/detail a car under a shaded area, with a garage being the ideal place. Working indoors will prevent unwanted contaminants such as dust from falling on the car while you are working on it. A person with a car detailing business should have multiple garage bays, that way more than one car can be worked on at once. It is also to have storage racks and shelving to put your entire car detailing supplies in one area so you know where everything is at and how much you have left of it.

A shop vac for cleaning the interior of vehicles will come in handy for picking up large particles inside the car. A car business may have several heavy duty coin operated vacuums by their business for self serve customers.

There are several detailing supplies on the market and it is best to try them out to find the right combination of price and quality for your liking. An individual may spend more money on products while a business may focus more on getting product at a lower price, as long it meets the company’s personal requirements. Repeat customers are very important to a car detailing business, and with many happy customers may come expansion into other areas as well as franchising your business.

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