Dallen W. Peterson founded Merry Maids in 1979 in Omaha, Nebraska, and began franchising the Merry Maids business in 1980. Merry Maids joined the ServiceMaster family of home service companies in 1988. Now based in Memphis, Tennessee, the Merry Maids Franchisor is a publicly held company with 60 employees. There are over 900 Merry Maids franchises in the U.S. and Canada, as well as franchises in the United Kingdom, Japan and Denmark and other countries worldwide, with more opening each year.

Merry Maids employs a unique system, combining 2-person cleaning teams and efficient management procedures, and effective marketing strategies. Anyone who wishes to open a Merry Maids franchise will have access to myriad tools for success, including highly effective training in all aspects of the residential cleaning industry, superior office management techniques, and strategies for increasing the customer base. In addition to these tools, the Merry Maids name, backed by 25 years of experience, offers other industry leading benefits, such as:

  • franchiser support
  • protected territories
  • marketing and advertising resources

To fully understand the benefits of maintaining a Merry Maids franchise, a closer look at these tools for success is needed:

Franchiser Support

A strategically placed network of Regional Coordinators and Home Office personnel are constantly available, online, by phone or in person. In addition, regional meetings, specialized seminars, and an annual national convention provide franchise owners with countless opportunities to learn, ask questions, and build a successful Merry Maids franchise.

Protected Territories

With the Merry Maids Protected Territory System, franchise owners rarely have to compete with each other for a valuable customer base. Detailed market studies, performed on each newly proposed territory, determine size, and franchise fees.

Marketing and Advertising Resources

Merry Maids leads the home cleaning industry in brand awareness. Created to provide maximum return, Merry Maids employs a wide array of marketing, advertising and public relations programs. Designed to attract the best potential clients, national advertising campaigns generate thousands of leads per week. Along with television and radio marketing, Merry Maids also provides a state of the art web presence. Franchisees can create customized home pages which are fully SEO-optimized and hosted on the Merry Maids main server.

Merry Maids provides not only exceptional support of its franchisees, but also motivational elements that are constantly moving owners towards increasing success. Programs such as the annual Dallen Peterson Awards honor franchisees for overall excellence. The President’s Achievement and Merit Achievement awards reward franchise owners with free trips to conferences at popular travel destinations. In addition to these rewards, the Merry Maids Mentoring Program allows franchise owners to interact with other owners close to them to gain personal perspective and hand-on learning opportunities from those who have gone before.

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