Major Trends in Corporate Knowledge Management

What criteria will dictate a future into which some corporations will survive and prosper while others will wither and die? It will be how they create, distribute and utilize knowledge for business success. Of course, what you know and how you use it is not a new paradigm. Man struggled with these questions since the dawn of time since the answers have either ensured his survival or guaranteed his demise. Now, in a universe of change at the speed of light and the geometric growth of new ideas and models, how companies deal with their intellectual assets is a primary driver of corporate survival.

This is why getting a handle on global trends affecting corporate knowledge is what will allow a company to make accurate market and financial predictions that will separate it from less able competitors. Right now there are three major global business trends affecting corporate knowledge and they are based on one idea-that business and technology are no longer separate areas, they are one and the same entity.

  • Centralized and compartmentalized data storage of information with search and retrieval –

Up until now businesses relied on the brains of their key employees to store all of the key knowledge related to its operations. Thus, when these individuals left the company all of these precious intellectual resources went with them. Corporations then had to pay to rebuild this mental database all over again. Now there is a way to preserve this valuable information so that a foundation for corporate knowledge can be maintained, added to and built upon. More importantly such information can be transferred to new employees. Databases are set up containing all of the major work done by workers. This mental capital can then be kept as company property.

Then, for a relatively minimal cost, a private search engine can be purchased from Google which will allow any needed item in the database to be made available as needed. It works just like the major search engine provided by Google for the internet.

  • The move from static data storage to interactive user interfaces-

Once you have installed the necessary data storage and retrieval systems described above, the next big move in business trends affecting corporate knowledge should be implemented, namely interactive software designed to allow the employee to think. This way, new and useful information gets created and distributed. This software works by means of thought provoking dialogues which help the user focus in on problem solving.

  • The future is in global franchising

All of the corporate information gathered and analyzed has to be put out into the world in order that it may be tested, relied upon and built upon. The current global trend in this respect is what has come to be known as “open source-open content” information sharing. This means that while a central corporate entity develops important knowledge that can be used to create successful business models, it also means that sharing that information in the proper manner is essential to ultimate success. That information must be made available to others so that they can spread the message and its results.

This is where global franchising becomes the ultimate answer. Through global franchising the benefits of information sharing can be controlled by allowing for open source-open content to the various franchisees. They gain the benefit of getting a whole knowledge base which is already tried and tested and can be used worldwide. They have the benefit of a success winning trademark that symbolizes the businesses’ strength and integrity. Indeed these days one can even purchase a franchise in a consulting business that provides just the knowledge of how to be successful.

It is through tools of knowledge such as these that mans reach is indeed exceeding his grasp, and that’s the meaning of successful business. And remember, franchising is the best kept secret of the 21st Century!

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