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So, you think you want to go into business for yourself but you’re not sure if you have what it takes to go it alone? Solutions for thousands of wannabe bosses are the business opportunities found in the world of franchising.

Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage of going into business on your own as a franchisee is that you are never really on your own. Since the franchise operators have their name on your business, the parent organization is going to expect that you run your franchise according to their guidelines.

The drawback is that you will be taking direction from someone else as if you were their employee. The upside is that you are the boss, reap the profits and don’t have the headaches or heartaches (as in risk) of determining whether or not you have a good product and/or service. You also won’t have to second guess yourself on how to market your new business, where to locate it or how to grow it. The answers to all of these questions and much more have already been tested by your franchising organization.

So, how to know which business opportunity is the right franchise for you? First, be honest with yourself about how much risk you’re willing to take and how much of yourself you’re willing to put into your new endeavor. Franchising or not, the success of any business opportunity will depend on your ability and willingness to make it happen. If you’re willing to put in long hours, at least at the beginning, and have a fair amount of capital at your disposal, you might do well with a fast food franchise or service industry opportunity. No matter what kind of background you have, there is an opportunity to fit your interest and your budget. Retail franchises like Edible Arrangements require a capital investment in the $150K range. Mega brand name franchises like Arby’s could run over $1 million in start up costs.

If you don’t have the capital in hand, there are also many low cost options to explore. If you’d prefer to limit your contact with the public and don’t want a lot of employees, you might consider some kind of a business opportunity by way of vending franchising. Buy as many (or as few) vending machines as you can afford to start with and then let your profits dictate how quickly you add inventory. You can work by yourself, without the worries of employees, overhead or any of the other demands on brick and mortar business operations. Vending opportunities run the gamut from the traditional candy and gumball machines to automated, bill- fed back-rub chairs at locations like high traffic shopping malls.

Franchising can be a terrific way to take advantage of the myriad of business opportunities available in today’s marketplace. Narrow down the type of product or service you’d like your business to sell and then do your homework to find the best franchise to fit your business plans.

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