London Bed and Breakfast in Hesket Newmarket

To lure you to the idea of staying in a London area bed and breakfast in Hesket Newmarket we’re going to go over some interesting facts about the city itself. Some of these may seem odd, but really interesting in fact, one that would make you wants to stay at a London area bed and breakfast.

First off the local pub and brewery are actually owned by the village. The pub dates back to the 18th century when at that time there were five total pubs in Hesket Newmarket. Well in the 80s Jim and Liz Fearnley started the Hesket Newmarket brewery in an old barn that was in back of the Old Crown. The ales of the brewery gained national recognition, but when the couple was close to retiring it looked as if the business was in jeopardy of being closed down. The community at this time decided to step in, 58 villagers and supporters in fact set up a co-operative, their first step was the purchasing of the brewery and later they bought the pub. What is really neat about this fact is that people who have visited the pub from other countries have in fact joined the group and donated 1,500 pounds each.

In purchasing the pub and brewery the villagers hoped to keep the business not only safe but to also keep its unique character alive through the years. The second interesting fact about Hesket Newmarket is how the name was derived. It actually comes from the Old Norse “eski” which is a place that is overgrown with ash trees, and the Old English word “heafod”, which means head or hill. Newmarket was added at a later time.

How about another great fact to bring you to a London area bed and breakfast in Hesket Newmarket. In 2004 Prince Charles paid a visit to the village. He came specifically to visit the Old Crown to help promote keeping local pubs alive. While in town he also visited the post office. Prince Charles isn’t the only famous person who has visited Hesket Newmarket; in fact Charles Dickens was there in 1857 as was Wilkie Collins.

Another great fact to get you to stay at a London area bed and breakfast in Hesket Newmarket is the huge village green. Not only is it huge, it’s actually 5 acres of huge, right in the middle of the village. The Friday markets that date back to the 18th century were held on this green. It’s also a place where cow and sheep fairs are held.

Remember if you stay in a bed and breakfast you will normally receive better service from the staff, this is because a bed and breakfast usually does not have many rooms available to stay.

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