More than fifty percent of travelers who stay at hotels book their vacations using the internet. People are more likely to take more trips in the next coming years than ever before. This is where the ever-popular list of hotel franchises comes in handy. From to orbits, familiar traveling sites are the wave of the future, riding in their wake hotel franchises. As long as people continue to travel and go on vacation, they will always need to stay in hotels. Hence, hotel franchises will continue to be a hot item in the franchising world.

From beach resorts to hotel businesses, they all offer something for the potential buyer. While hotel businesses have the advantage of a brand-name and awesome support, beach resorts have the added bonus of being able to live on the same property as your business. Each one has its advantages, and it is certainly up to the potential buyer which way they wish to go.

Every good franchiser needs a list of hotel franchises in their repertoire. Growing by the day, the hotel business is booming, and hotels are rapidly becoming the way to go. So whether you’re compiling a list of hotel franchises or looking to grow a very profitable business out of a franchise, these businesses have it all.

Microtel Inns and Suites offer a fast-growing hotel franchise with all-new, modern construction, as well as having a reputation for satisfaction from customers world-wide. Microtel’s awesome track record of development success, good operating performance and strong growth in the hotel business market sets them apart from the competition, a good choice for any hotel franchiser.

Specializing in Property, Yachting and Business Opportunities, Villa Marine Lifestyles is another way to go, just a bit off from the norm. This hotel franchise business has a little bit of a twist, and is not your common, run-of-the-mill hotel chain. Villa Marine Lifestyles is a web-based business you can operate from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

Featuring customized vacation plans and value for clients, e-tickets is one franchise that can’t be beat. Specializing in a variety of travel destinations requiring specific know-how, you can choose between skiing, golf, honeymoons, cruises and much more. This one’s a good one for anybody wanting to work in the customized field of hotel business.

Founded in 1940, Choice Hotels has a minimum franchising fee of ten thousand dollars, but it’s more than worth it. With training, financing and support available, Choice Hotels has more than fifty years experience bringing all this plus a whole lot more to its franchisees.

Would you like to live at a ski or beach resort and run a successful business? With Skyrun Vacation Rentals and Property Management Franchises, it’s not only possible, it’s probable! Vacation rentals at beach and ski vacation resorts are a thing of the future, putting together ski and beach vacations and vacation rentals.

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