List of Best Franchises

First on the list of best franchises is Subway. Long known for their lower fat alternatives to fast food, Subways franchise scheme is a continually expanding and strong one indeed. And being number 1 in both Europe and America as well as having 26,000 restaurants in a total of 85 different countries is a testament to Subways popularity. They have attained such a high level of success because of the following factors:

Simplicity: The operation is not difficult to run.

Good food: The variety of menu items offers something that will appeal to all.

Support: Subway provides franchisees all of the knowledge and tools necessary to operate a successful franchise.

Control: Control systems are in place to assist owners in efficiently running their franchise.

  • They also promote growth and success while providing business owners with franchise support whenever needed.

The next franchise on the list of best franchises is Dominos Pizza. Dominos Pizza provides potential franchisees with a proven track record of success, having first opened in 1960. Selling over 1 million pizzas per day and having 8,600 stores operating in 55 markets can make owning a franchise of theirs very profitable, indeed. Not to mention the fact that Dominos continually reinforces their brand using radio, television, web-based and print advertising. They also provide franchisees with Dominos Pulse. It has web-based labor management tools, reporting and online ordering. With Dominos Pizza, many amazing opportunities are provided to you such as:

  • Being the world wide #1 pizza delivery franchise.
  • Providing a powerful brand known the whole world round.
  • Having a growing presence internationally.
  • Cutting edge technology that is industry leading.
  • Total retail sales globally in 2007 of $5.4 Billion dollars.
  • Having prime locations available.
  • A supply chain system that is value added ensuring consistency, quality and purchasing power leverage.
  • A proven business model providing you with lower start up costs and strong unit economics.

The third franchise on our list of best franchises is Ace Hardware. Ace is on the lookout for entrepreneurs and other qualified persons wanting to own an Ace Hardware or possibly even a chain of them. Amazingly, in their 80-year history, Ace has never offered qualified candidates reduced start up costs. But now, with The Ace Exclusive Incentive Package, Ace provides qualified persons incentives in order to assist with their store opening. The $195, 000 Ace Exclusive Incentive Package includes:

  • Total store design.
  • A thorough training program.
  • Event assistance with your grand opening.
  • Set up services when designing and planning your store and its layout.
  • A total inventory discount of $110,000.

With this incentive package, your total business investment costs can be lowered by almost 20%. And if you choose to open additional franchise stores, there will be another enhanced incentives bundle awaiting you.

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