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Are you starting a Laundromat business and need equipment? If so, then you are probably asking a question that every Laundromat owner has asked themselves…Do I buy new equipment so that I have less repair costs and higher depreciation or do I buy used equipment and learn to service them cheaply to make higher profit margins? While the answers are as varied as the types of owners, let’s explore some of the equipment in Laundromats and where to find it.

Washers and Dryers and change machines would be the most important items needed if you had nothing else. Once you have decided how many washers and dryers you want, you can check on prices for new and used equipment. One of the websites that I like is vending connection dot com. You can compare prices on washers and dryers, but you can also look for accessory items as well.

Soap dispensers, snack and soda machines and arcade games can all add to a healthy bottom line in your Laundromat. While these items are not the bread and butter of your business, they can add a substantial boost to your bottom line. If you buy these items used, you will save a lot of money. You can find some of these items listed on the pre-referenced vending connection website. For just vending and arcade equipment, I like bmi gaming and vending resource directory dot com because they have refurbished equipment.

As a matter of fact, depending on the pricing, you might be well served to get newer washers and dryers (even though not brand new) while getting used accessory equipment. The newer washers and dryers might have warranties while the older accessories might not. As long as the newer washers and dryers do need to be serviced a lot, then the accessories can help you stash away money for a rainy day. Some soap dispensers are pull knob activated, meaning that they do not require electricity to operate. They operate more like the older cigarette machines of days long gone, and they can be a money saver. If not, you can buy a used glass front snack machine and stock it with candy and small soaps if you are tight on wall space. Mothers with screaming kids will give away quarters for their children to be quiet. That’s where used arcade games can help you.

All those people will need a folding table for their newly washed goods; you can probably find these pretty cheap, maybe on eBay, if not on one of the sites listed above. Last, but certainly not least, you will also need the signature laundry carts with attached hanger bar. You can find these wonderful trolleys at the previously mentioned, vending connection website or if you want a laundry cart made exclusively in the U.S., then try, laundry carts dot us.
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