There are all types of janitorial equipment out there that can be used, and they are all quite important. There are cleaners that can make removing dirt from a myriad of sources a breeze, rags made from materials that make cleaning easy & make the rags and mop heads able to stand up to many uses, washes, and re-uses.

There are other important tools, too; things like backpack vacuums that make the back breaking task of vacuuming carpet easier, as well as carts that can make the transportation of equipment much easier.
As with any other task, it is important to fit the cleaner to the job at hand. There are cleaners that are rated for use around food and food preparation areas, and there are cleaning solutions that border on hazardous and must be used with great caution, and personal protection. There are cleaners that can remove substances such as adhesive residue, and cleaners that can remove biohazardous bodily fluids from any surface. These are all important tools for janitorial, housekeeping, and cleaning personnel.

When choosing rags, it is vital to choose cleaning rags made from materials that can stand up to heavy use and frequent washing without falling apart under use. The days of using an old cloth diaper are gone. Now there are superabsorbent materials made into all manner of rags; some for use on windows, chrome, and artificial wood surfaces, for instance. Another important item is mop heads. Of course, cleaning personnel are always hampered by having to consider if the mop heads they shop for fit the mop heads they already have. Of course, if the two are not compatible, then it won’t matter what kind of wonder material they are made of. If the mop head you want to buy does not fit the mop you have, and you would have to buy a new mop to accommodate it, then it is of little help in your arsenal of janitorial equipment.

One of the most amazing items available to housekeeping workers is the backpack vacuum. This handy little wonder fits onto your back just like any other backpack, and has a length of hose and an attachment with which you can easily move from room to room, thoroughly vacuuming all different types of floors and carpets. The backpack vacuum is one of the most innovative tools of the last 20 years. It takes the pain and agony out of vacuuming, and makes the arduous task of dragging a heavy commercial vacuum from room to room obsolete.

Another piece of janitorial equipment that makes the job easier are the carts that hold all manner of things; from cleaners, to rags, to trash bags, disposal kits, personal drinks, wet floor warning signs, and anything else a worker responsible for cleaning might need. These carts are lightweight and have ample room for all the things janitors and housekeepers could possibly needs during their shifts whether cleaning buildings, hospitals, rooms, houses, apartments, or offices. The job may be a chore, but these things can make it just a little bit easier.

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