Many people dream about owning their own business, quitting their 9-5 job where they work for someone else, and becoming their own boss. A franchise, such as Graham Keer’s Healthy Catering Franchise, is an independently owned and operated retail business that is being backed by and marketed by a “parent company.”

What are the advantages of buying a Franchise?

One of the biggest advantages of buying a Franchise is that the reputation of the company has already been proven to the public. There is already a sense of trust that has been built in the community that allows the individual operator of the Franchise branch to focus on perfecting the internal systems of their business, and not have to spend too much time and energy on marketing to build that trust. Moreover, the Franchisee knows that this product is marketable and valuable to the customer.

Another advantage of the franchise system is that it has in place a proven system of operation. The kinks have all been worked out before the buyer has even opened the door, enabling them to focus on building their branch.

Most Franchises care deeply about the success of their operators, and to ensure this they have in place great support systems for whenever something seems to be going wrong. If you think about it, these companies have spent decades building up trust and dependability within their communities, and they wouldn’t want to blow it, by having a branch fail. They have years of experience to share with their franchisees, and systems in place to help you in a bind. More so, the hassle of learning by trial and error, will be lifted from the franchisees shoulders, because often times they will have already been educated on what to do and not do with their business.

Are there any disadvantages of buying a Franchise?

There are a few disadvantages one being that sometimes it can be difficult to get approved for a new unit. If the company already has hundreds to thousands of branches in place, they may want to focus on perfecting these existing branches, than to invest in a new one. A solution to this problem is to buy an existing branch. This way the buyer can see the profits and how everything operates before they purchase, just make sure that you are not going to inherit somebody else problems.

Often times if the franchise is with a very large corporation, the rules of governing can be extremely numerous, to the point where it can feel like you are studying to get your PhD in “McDonaldism.” But this consideration should be minor, because ultimately those rules are in place to make your business a better one.

In the case of very large corporations, they can receive thousands of inquiries a month! You have two options:

  1. Be incredibly aggressive to get your name in front of the decision makers
  2. You could go with a smaller company

When you go with a smaller franchise like Graham Keer’s healthy catering franchise, you still have all of the advantages as you would have with the large ones, but with a few less of the disadvantages.

In any case, you will find a compassionate partner, such as Graham Keer healthy catering franchise, as the larger “Parent Company” will help you with your struggles and ultimately aid you in your success.

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