Ice Cream Franchise Opportunities

Starting one’s own business is a dream for many. However, few pursue this dream because of fear of failure. However, starting up a franchise can significantly reduce the risk associated with starting a business. With a franchise, you are automatically associated with a proven brand name that people already know and trust.

Franchises are available in virtually every area of business. An ice cream franchise opportunity may be just what you are looking for.

Why Ice Cream?

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.” You know the popular saying, and it is true; everybody loves ice cream. Ice cream is more popular than ever, with annual revenues of ice cream sales in the U.S. of approximately $23 billion. An ice cream franchise opportunity can allow you to become involved in this lucrative industry.

Where to Open Your Franchise?

When you decide that you want to take part in an ice cream franchise opportunity, one of the first steps will be deciding where your ice cream franchise will be located. You may want to set up shop in a college town to take advantage of young college students who may frequent your establishment on dates and other outings. You may want to locate in a town with lots of young families to try and attract children. A location can either boost sales or handicap sales, so it is important that you carefully scout out possible locations before you decide.

What About Winter?

When seeking out an ice cream franchise opportunity, it is important to consider what to do about winter. Ice cream sales drop approximately 50% in winter compared with other times during the year. One way to avoid this downturn in business is to locate your ice cream franchise in a city that does not have a cold winter. Southern California, Phoenix, Las Vegas or other locations will have a higher demand for ice cream during the winter months than colder cities. Also, you could run special promotions during winter to try and increase demand.

Possible Franchises?

There are many ice cream franchises to consider. You may want to choose a franchise that has national recognition, such as Ben and Jerry’s, Coldstone, or Dairy Queen. You could also choose a franchise that has more regional appeal.

What it Means to be a Franchisee?

It is important to remember that when you open a franchise, you are part of something bigger. You will be a Franchisee and the larger company granting you the ice cream franchise opportunity is the Franchiser. The Franchiser will be there to assist you along the way, and you will be required to comply with certain company requirements. Also, because you are receiving a proven brand name, you will be required to pay a franchise fee as well as continued royalties to the franchiser.

Ready to Start?

Does it sound like an ice cream franchise opportunity is for you? If so, now is the time to begin the process. Remember, franchising is the best kept secret of the 21st Century!

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