How to Start a Doggy Day Care

You have a great idea for a business, you’re going to babysit dogs for people who work all day and don’t want to leave their best friend at home alone. GREAT! Now what?

Here are a few tips that will work with any business, but you will find equally helpful in how to start a Doggy Day Care Business.

As with any new business idea there are a few decisions you have to make first.

  1. Evaluate the competition. Is there anyone else in your area doing this business? If there is, what can you do better than them? Investigate; learn everything you can about your competition then beat them. Remember, it’s you against them, if they get all the customers you get none of the money, so compete and win.
  2. Start your own business or buy a franchise? There are a lot of benefits to buying a ready made franchise. A franchise will give you a business plan, a name, a marketing plan and an idea of how to make your new business work. There are a number of different franchises that you can purchase and each is slightly different n their approach. Do some research and determine which one suits your personality.
  3. Store front or home based business. Both have benefits. If you chose a store front you will have the benefit of walk-in and lots of exposure to new customers. A home based business afford you the luxury of staying at home if you have kids, and of course your own pets. You can also write off a portion of your mortgage on your income taxes as a business expense.
  4. You really need to enjoy people and dogs! Many business owners don’t really like to deal with people. If you are one of these people I would suggest you find a job where you are alone, because working with the public requires you to be happy and up all the time. You’ll need to be selling your business at the grocery store, at the PTA meeting and of course while you’re at work. More importantly, you really need to ask yourself if you like dogs. You may laugh, but you really have to ask yourself this question. If you think a doggy day care seems like it’s a good money maker, but you don’t really like dogs then this is not the business for you.
  5. This is the most important part of starting any business. Ignore the doubters! There will be those folks you tell your idea to who will tell you it is the dumbest thing they have ever heard. Ignore them! In fact, don’t tell anyone except your most trusted friends, until you have the doors open and you’re making money.

You now know how to start a doggy day care, but remember these few other hints. Network with other business owners and build alliances. Other business owners will recommend you to their customers. Get involved in your community; people buy services from people they trust.

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