How to Open a Grooming Business at Home

Don’t worry, there are many advantages to opening a grooming business at home and it isn’t as hard as you think.

  1. Here are a few advantages of opening a grooming business:
  2. The startup costs are low.
  3. Many clients prefer to go to residential grooming businesses as opposed to ones on major streets with lots of traffic.
  4. You can decide what services to offer, and expand those services at anytime.

First off, lets talk about the dirty end of pet grooming…

Many of the dogs you will have to groom will be largely untrained. Pet owners these days do not take the proper time to train their pets. It can be very stressful to work in this environment.

Now onto the good news!

This is a very rewarding job. Not only do you make the pet happy, you also make the owner happy as well. And all the while you are happy, because you took a chance and opened your own business.

Do I need a certificate in grooming?

Most of the groomers working today do not have any kind of school diploma or certificate. In fact a lot of them would tell you that these schools are a waste of time and money. The best way to learn how to groom is to go out and groom.

What about licensing and zoning?

You will want to look into getting USDA licensing. You can go to their website for details.
Location is very important if you want to start a home grooming business. There are certain rules as to how large your space is. You will have to check with your state to know what the specific parameters are.

You will also want to get a business license with the city that you live in along with the employer tax id number, so that there wont be any problems with Uncle Sam.

Spend some time and really work on your business plan, think about the services you want to offer. Think about how you will want to expand your business in 5 years. How about in 10 years?

Now on to one of the more expensive investments you will need to make for your business: the tools!
Don’t be thrifty with the tools that you buy for your business, they are the most important part, and often times if it is broke, there is no way to fix it.

You will need to get a tall, long tub. Depending on the breeds you are willing to take, you can either get by with a smaller tube, or you will need to get a jumbo one. Think of a St. Bernard in a kitchen sink. Not a pretty sight.

  1. You will also need drying kennels; again if you specialize in Chihuahuas, you can get smaller ones.
  2. You will need to get at least 2 (if not more) cage dryers and at least 2 table dryer.
  3. You will need to get 2 pairs of clippers with a range of clipper blades and the attachable combs.
  4. You will need doggy nail clippers and files.
  5. You will need a good quality pair of grooming shears, brushes and combs (all different varieties, remember you will be working with different types of hair)
  6. You will need several different sizes of matt breakers, you will be dealing with a lot of matted up hair.
  7. You will need all kinds of shampoo, conditioners and flea treatments.

Now that you know how to open a grooming business at home and have picked your location, your supplies and (hopefully) a nice long list of clientele, you can expand. Think about merchandising options. You could sell a line of puppy clothes, or even brushes and shampoo so that in between visits your customers can do some minimal grooming on their pets, plus they will love that an expert is showing them just the right products to use.

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