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First off, consider your own financial situation. Are your bills all paid, do you have enough liquid assets, and are you free of debt? If the answer to the preceding questions is yes, then you are ready to proceed. Ultimately, financing a franchise boils down to cash flow; do you have enough to fund the franchising without outside help? If you’re wondering how to finance a franchise, if you do not have the money upfront, know that there are a number of options available to you.

Potential franchise owners wishing to work from home are in luck! While starting your own home based franchise business does require an investment, like any other franchise, the investment is much smaller. Franchisers have realized that virtually any business can be successfully run from a home office, and are offering franchisees the opportunity to own their own home based franchise business in numerous categories. Whether you want to be involved in financial services, entertainment, pet care, commercial cleaning, children’s services, or home improvement, you’re sure to find a company offering a franchise opportunity.

Last on our list of dry cleaner franchises is Pressed 4 Time. Simply stated, this company fancies itself as a more refined dry cleaning delivery and pick up service than the competition. They provide office buildings, families and local businesses pickup and delivery service twice a week for shoe repair and dry cleaning needs. Originally begun in 1987, Pressed 4 Time is a massive company with 165 franchises within Canada and the US.

This company provides:

  • High levels of repeat business.
  • 5 day work week.
  • Low initial investment costs.
  • A home based business.
  • Both single and multi van routes available.
  • Exclusive territory.
  • A total training program.
  • Royalty plan.
  • Dry cleaning company relationship established.
  • Software for business management.
  • A dry cleaning gross profit margin of 50%.

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