Hotel franchising could never be simpler. Investors are taking a minimum risk in hotel chains because franchisers do a lot of the leg work to help the company grow profitably.

The business model of each is an already defined system proven profitable. Support and assistance is given to investors because of the importance to be a success. Such assistance would include providing an architectural plan for building development to evaluations of progress to ensure the company is not faltering. The real estate aspect of beginning this business can be overwhelming. Franchisers are sure to provide investors any guidance needed. One may have to provide individual advertisement; however, this will be stated in the agreement.

International hotel chain ranking between 2006 and 2007 shows an increase in the number of hotels leading to a 2.5% average increase in rooms. Hotels included in this rating are Hilton Corp, Best Western, Marriott International and also those outside of the United States such as Accor at 2.3%, France, and Intercontinental HG at 3.5%, Great Britain.

Benefits of franchising international hotel chains are never ending. Group purchasing between franchisees allows for a discount when buying raw materials to supplies. Training is set up, great for those new in the industry, and a team is available to aide in any daily operation; bookkeeping, customer service, advertising, etc. The franchised company is set up to look exactly like the original, using all similar logos; allowing customers to feel it is the established brand they recognize.

This is helpful considering guests have a trust and comfort towards international hotel chains for their consistency. The quality of a hotel chain remains intact. Guests understand before booking exactly what to expect. Best Western provides more of a relaxing environment while the Hilton provides a variety of brands including upscale, mid-priced and more. No matter what the brand, one is able to make their choice easier by being aware of the hotels style.

An intercultural knowledge in the hotel industry enhances the ability to go beyond a specific area. With the spread of hotel chains internationally this aspect of the industry is indispensable. The Diversity Elite 60 showed that there was almost no difference between the first and 60th place. This proves many hotels have set a stronger importance on their diversity programs. A larger diversity program pens the doors to a wide location range and a higher amount of diverse guests; and, therefore, an increase in the number of guests total. In today’s world a hotel chain must consider its diversity.

As for all investors, now is the time to begin in this growing industry when the population increases yearly and each country’s diversity expands. International hotel chain ranking will only go up. Who will hold onto the chain as it rises?

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