The advent of new technologies and business strategies that accompanied globalization made it viable for businesses to thrive and expand. Business is no more a traditional process in which a company usually sells its products and is merely known in the country where its headquarters is stationed. Now, business is breaking the chains of locality and is becoming global. Firms now grow as gigantic as to be known and prominent worldwide. This remarkable growth and expansion is not associated merely with businesses that provide intricate or major goods and services such as airlines, telecommunication firms or vehicle manufacturers; rather, such remarkable expansion is viable and can be sustained by businesses that offer simple services such as Laundromats. Laundromats grew extremely popular and expanded to the extent that, now, Laundromats are becoming franchised.

Franchising refers to giving the name or brand of the corporation or the big firm to a dealer somewhere else, usually in another state or country, so that the dealer could promote and sell the firms goods or services there. Franchising offers an arbitrage benefit for both the franchisee and the franchiser. Franchising helps the franchiser (dealers) to expand much more and become more popular; thus increasing its profitability. The advent of this trend received great appeal from a lot of people or more specifically the franchisee (franchise buyer). Franchisees in a lot of regions proved to be very willing to raise adequate capital in order to start a Laundromat business under one reputable and eminent Laundromat firms name.

This great appeal towards Laundromat franchising is because Laundromats are very profitable businesses that almost all the people find very vital and useful. No matter what the economic or social situation in the place where the Laundromat is located, people remain bound by cleaning and washing their clothes. Moreover, a lot of people hail Laundromats as very vital services because they slash their expenditures on washing machine, maintenance, electricity, soap and water. Furthermore, Laundromats save a lot of space that the washing machine and the dryer could have taken up in the home. Laundromats also spare people all the hassle of having the clothes ironed and ready to be worn.

All of this fostered the appeal of a lot of people to acquire Laundromat Franchises.

However, one major and more public force was behind the great popularity, success and appeal towards Laundromat franchising is Laundromats’ positive impact on the environment. Laundromats save a lot of energy and water that could have been sucked up if each and every house had a washing machine to do its laundry. Hence, the greater number of Laundromats causes high quality, cost-effective ways to play a very good role in preserving the environment and supporting the go-green challenge of today.

Laundromat franchising is becoming very widespread now because more people tend to use advanced Laundromats that offer very quick and efficient laundry and ironing services. Moreover, dealers are becoming fully aware of the profitability of Laundromat Franchises. Statistics and research proved that the ROI or (return on investment) of Laundromats are as high as 30%.

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