To begin with, you must have the personal initiative to be your own boss. Motivation is the prime ingredient. Now that I’ve gotten your attention with the good news that you can be your own boss and dramatically increase your earning power, here’s the bad news: buying into a franchise will cost you money up front, demand that you be disciplined, adult, visionary, responsible, kind, competitive, and stable, and ask you to work as hard as you’ve ever worked in your life.

Still reading? Then you’re one of those smart people who knows that the economy can’t give anyone a free ride, but if you are a leader, and ambitious, and in control of your emotions, then you can plug in to the most popular system in America for generating business.

Franchising, for a major corporation, is one of three systems that the company has for marketing its brand name product to a mass audience. The second is for the company to own the business, which in this case may be a car dealership or a restaurant, and the third is a combination of the two.

The advantage of franchising for the aggressive businessman who wants to make lots of money fast is that the corporation will provide you with a business plan and a support system which dramatically increases your chances for success. For instance, if you purchase an Anonymous Fast Food franchise, the parent company will provide you with:

  • A ready-made menu.
  • Ready to go cooking instructions.
  • Ready to go manual with the best way to hire and maintain your workforce.
  • Advertising know-how.
  • A professional support staff to answer all your questions.

Currently, in the United States, there are twenty five hundred franchising systems out there, all competing to make their individual brand name and corporate logo part of your own central nervous system. These hundreds of different corporate entities give rise to more than five hundred and thirty thousand individual units, by which I mean this McDonald’s, that Payless Shoe Store, or that Super-8 Motel. Only 3.2% of all corporations put their brand out there through franchising, but these franchises account for 34% of all American business, and by all accounts, these numbers are increasing. For so many people, franchising is the best way to make lots of money fast, if you have that great combination of being a team player while also having personal initiative.

Imagine having a personal alliance with a major multinational corporation, both of you sharing the goal to corner the market with a product that everybody needs and wants. Your mission will be to help make that corporate logo so famous that everybody cannot help but picture it, savor it, desire it, and pay for it…and when you succeed in helping your corporate partner, they will pay you back with all those customers, and all that money pouring in to your bank account. Small wonder that franchising is considered the most stable, proven marketing system of today’s business models, so remember, franchising is the best kept secret of the 21st Century!

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