Franchising a Business Cleaning Service

Franchising a business cleaning service is one of the most rewarding cleaning franchise ventures you can indulge in. The cleaning industry has been on a rise for the last ten years, and has expanded in direct proportion with the expansion of its industry.

There are millions of business locations all over the world that require services to maintain them as professionally as they handle their business. Unskilled laborers are not fit for the job any longer. What these businesses need is a trained professional cleaner to make their workplace neat and glowing to meet the expectations of their international clientele.

The initial investment required for franchising a business cleaning service is much less than most other franchises would require. A capital investment of around $25 thousand dollars is enough to start and run a successful cleaning business. There are several companies which are offering franchises for sale. The advantage in buying a franchise from such companies is that there is little need of establishing a reputation in the market before you can start making profits.

The profits involved in franchising a business cleaning service are huge. Most business cleaning franchises charge customers from $50 to $150 per hour. They might offer limited services for the lower end rates, and include a large number of additional services for higher prices. It is easy for a full fledged business cleaning franchise to earn thousands a day. A look at the services business cleaning franchises offer will tell us how big and evolved this section of the market is.

Business Cleaning Services:

Any business cleaning franchise will offer routine cleaning, floor mopping, toilet maintenance and dusting to its clients. However, once a franchise grows, it can include other services such as window cleaning, power washing, hard surface floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, trash collection and secure document removal, floor polishing, elevator cleaning, outdoor maintenance and even move-out cleaning services.

The good news for businessmen planning on franchising a business cleaning service is that these services require very cheap raw materials and equipments. The labor charges involved do not change much with different services, but the cost of different services to the client is adjustable. This means that the returns involved with business cleaning services are enormous, and most of the income can constitute as profit.

A very important factor determining the success of this business is how efficiently the marketing is done. Listing in yellow pages is a necessary evil. But there is great news when starting your business. Through franchising the task of formulating a business plan, marketing strategy and even most of the advertising cost you would layout initial at startup, are already completed as part of the franchising package. Franchising is the best kept secret of the 21st Century.

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