Dry Cleaner Franchises

First on the list of dry cleaner franchises is US Clean. Their dry cleaning technology is capable of:

  • Not leaving sticky residue.
  • Having a drying of around 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Their dry cleaning agents are planet, pet and people safe.
  • Their Low-Moisture Encapsulation Technology takes soil and converts it to crystallized polymers, making removal easy using deep brush agitation.

With US Clean, your franchise will be given a specified amount of households based on streets, counties and zip codes. And no other franchise owner can market in your territory. They also have their own in house marketing and advertising department in order to spread the word about your franchise to individuals and families in your territory. US Clean has their own call center as well, freeing you from answering the phone to answer questions or sell products. That is because this is very stressful and time consuming, as well as saving you the cost of another employee. With their trained professionals taking care of this, you can focus more on your business. You are also provided with schedule access at any time through the Internet

Their cleaning services consist of upholstery, carpet, leather, mattresses, oriental rugs, tile, hard wood, grout, stone and pet odor treatments. As you can see, franchisees are provided with not just a dry cleaning service, but with multiple franchises to work with. US Clean does not charge additional franchising fees or royalty fees for this, either.

The next company on our dry cleaner franchises list is 1-800-DRY-CLEAN. They provide busy customers with a pickup and delivery scheme for laundry and cleaning. Their business scheme includes either the multiple or single van opportunity as well as an expansion in van opportunities to include either store drop offs or dry cleaning plant drop offs. Their business models are all based upon pickup and delivery courses that feature active participation of franchise owners. The 1-800-DRYCLEAN scheme provides you with tools to:

  • Attract new clients using the easily remembered 1-800-DRYCLEAN number and website. High quality materials and marketing programs sell your service as well.
  • Provide high quality dry cleaning. They help you build a relationship with a local dry cleaner. And no one understands and is prepared for continual growth for timesaving services more than 1-800-DRYCLEAN.
  • Service already existing customers. Using proprietary software, you are able to efficiently manage your franchise. Effective client communication is provided by using technology tools as well.

Last on our list of dry cleaner franchises is Pressed 4 Time. Simply stated, this company fancies itself as a more refined dry cleaning delivery and pick up service than the competition. They provide office buildings, families and local businesses pickup and delivery twice a week of their shoe repair and dry cleaning needs. Originally begun in 1987, Pressed 4 Time is a massive company with 165 franchises within Canada and the US. This company provides:

  • High levels of repeat business.
  • 5 day work week.
  • Low initial investment costs.
  • A home based business.
  • Both single and multi van routes available.
  • Exclusive territory.
  • A total training program.
  • Royalty plan.
  • Dry cleaning company relationship established.
  • Software for business management.
  • A dry cleaning gross profit margin of 50%.

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