Few home businesses are as sensitive to liability as the business of child day care. The cost of damages in the event of negligence or inattention may be extreme, especially if a child’s injuries are of a permanent nature. Juries are typically more sensitive to the suffering of a child, and parents can be zealous in the pursuit of recompense for their children’s injuries, whether physical or emotional.
Franchising a day care business offers a way to spread the cost of acquiring home child care liability coverage over greater numbers, reducing premiums for individual businesses. Franchise companies offer the added benefit of sharing their collective expertise in prevention of accidents or illnesses with day care operators.

  • Accidents are a leading cause of death for children between birth and five years.
  • In addition, accidents are the leading cause of all non-fatal injuries treated in emergency rooms.
  • 3,000 children are injured or killed each year by television sets that fall on them!
  • Each year, more than 90,000 children are permanently disabled from accidental injuries.
  • Family pets may present a threat to children who are inadvertently rough with them.

Home child care business liability is essential to cover liability for a child’s welfare in a home day care center. Children are, by nature, are prone to injuries. As soon as they take those first steps, they are more likely to fall, to climb on things, to slip away from watchful eyes. They tend to be persistent and try again if their first efforts fail. Two children in San Jose, California were jumping on beds when one fell and cut her cheek on a bed frame, resulting in a permanent facial scar. Another, not yet two, managed somehow to climb to the top shelf in a closet and fall, pulling bar, shelf and all the clothing down on top of him.

Children are amazingly resilient, yet amazingly fragile. They seem able to bounce and get up and do it again if they fall. On the other hand, an unaware adult picking a child up by the arms may pull shoulders out of sockets. Home child care liability insurance covers actual damages due to negligence or lack of diligence. Also covered are possible long-term damages for a child whose care requirements may change due to an injury. Criminal acts perpetrated by the business person or any other household member are never covered by Home Child Care Liability insurance.

A liability policy covers illnesses caused by food-borne pathogens, and for illnesses contracted by exposure to another sick child in the care program.

Because legal responsibility is such a serious and costly consideration, franchised day care centers offer a viable and often less expensive means of protecting the operator’s assets from the threat of a lawsuit.

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