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In today’s fast-paced, stylish world, few things are admired as much as a tidy house or office. The problem is who has time to clean? Even those who clean professionally are judged in part by how quickly they can get the job done.

Modern day commercial janitorial supplies have to tackle the dirt and grime as well as the lack of free time. Gone are the days of sore backs from brooms and dustpans, and they’ve been replaced with vacuum cleaners and floors scrubbers. Today’s commercial janitorial supplies have products for just about anything.

Not that long ago, people used vinegar to clean their windows and mirrors, and they used an old newspaper to wipe the glass to avoid streaking. Nowadays, Windex has become so popular that it’s synonymous with ‘window cleaner’, much the same way that Kleenex is synonymous with ’tissue’. And they continue to improve their product with pleasant fragrances and protection against smudges.
Mops used to look like a wig on a stick and all they really did was push the dirt around the floor. Now, mops are made of fibrous pads that the dirt clings to — not to mention being extendable and easy to maneuver. Plus, by investing in a high quality floor scrubber, the need for a mop is nearly eliminated.
Old fashioned vacuum cleaners were heavy, unsightly, and if the belt didn’t break on them, something else did. Today’s vacuum cleaners are lighter and more compact but still durable and powerful, and they last a lot longer. Also, the hassle of vacuum cleaner bags has all but been eliminated with new technology.

In addition to vacuum cleaners, it used to be necessary to call the professionals and pay beaucoup bucks just to have the carpets cleaned. Not anymore, however. Rug scrubbers have become much more accessible to the general public, being affordable and easy to use.

Even dishrags have become somewhat outdated by sponges, Brillo pads, and soap-dispensing brushes. And dish soap now possesses the technology to attack bacteria and sterilize dishes, counters, and tables. Of course, with the convenience of dish washers, which have the same breakthroughs in soap and sterilization, dishrags, are becoming nearly obsolete.

Cleaning chemicals have come a long way in recent years as well. Bathroom cleaners no longer require the opening of every window in the building so as not to pollute the air. Quite the contrary, today’s bathroom cleaners are often lemony fresh in addition to eliminating 99% of all bacteria. There are also degreasers for kitchen use, furniture polish, disinfectants, and even rust and lime removers.
Clearly, modern technology is adapting to suit today’s cleanliness needs. The booming industry of commercial janitorial supplies is showing no signs of slowing down in today’s world where having a clean home, apartment, or business speaks worlds of a person. And it’s never been easier to achieve, either.

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