Coffee Franchise Opportunities

With Americans trying to squeeze more activities into their days than ever before, sales for caffeine based products are soaring. Coffee is the number two commodity in the USA. This makes coffee franchise opportunities highly lucrative self-owned businesses.

Here are some of the most popular choices:

  1. Starbucks Coffee – I doubt this company needs an introduction. You might not have enjoyed a Caramel Mochaccino or Cinnamon Hazelnut Frappucino, but if you haven’t at least heard of Starbucks or passed by one of the many corner locations, you’ve probably been living under a rock. Starbucks doesn’t offer coffee franchise opportunities directly, but will allow special licensing agreements for a business to sell their products.
  2. Nestle Toll House Cafe – As if being the most powerful chocolate chip cookie brand isn’t enough, Nestle Toll House now offers coffee franchise opportunities with its Nestle Toll House Cafe, featuring the Nescafe brand of coffee.
  3. Sonoma Coffee Cafe – Having one of the lowest franchise and royalty fee structures in the industry with special pricing for multiple locations has helped this company grow quickly, as well as the promise of an “Adventure in Every Cup” with coffees from around the world. To add to their distinction, they serve a variety of other treats from chocolates to gourmet teas to gelato.
  4. PJ’s Coffee Shop – PJ’s first opened its doors in New Orleans more than 25 years ago and selfishly kept itself there until recently. They are now offering coffee franchise opportunities under the company Raving Brands, who offers a diverse portfolio of other fast-casual dining franchises as well.
  5. Jazzman’s Cafe – Jazzman’s is the winner of the 2004 Nation’s Restaurant News Hot Concepts Award. Featuring their own blends of coffee and espresso served hot or cold, plus a selection of fresh baked goods, large selection of hot pressed sandwiches for breakfast and lunch, soup, and smoothies, Jazzman’s satisfies appetites all day long.
  6. Palm Beach Specialty Coffee – Rather stay away from the high overhead of owning or renting a building or the liabilities of hiring employees? Then Palm Beach Specialty Coffee could be a better alternative. Placing Palm Beach Specialty Coffee machines in high volume locations involves servicing the machines about once a week, all the while earning a profit with each cup of coffee or espresso served at that location.
  7. Bad Ass Coffee Company – Who could resist stepping into a place called the Bad Ass Coffee Company, even if simply out of curiosity? Their roots began in Hawaii and now locations are sweeping the globe with the reputation that “Bad Ass Coffee is Coffee with an Attitude.”

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