The Cleaning Franchise industry is a rapidly blooming sector in modern business systems. With the rapid expansion of trade and commerce all over the world consumerism forces the investors to turn toward cleaning franchises for a better cleaning service and at the same time to draw the attention of their consumers. The Cleaning Franchise sector provides them with multiple options to choose between competitive franchises. In today’s busy 24/7 life styles, both domestic and commercial cleaning are a rapidly growing businesses. The emergence of cleaning franchise is the modern institutional version of middle-aged domestic workers. It ensures a better trained and more professional service provider.

Opportunity Statistics:

Over the last four years this sector has grown by 95% in the UK in the domestic arena. Annually approximately 4 million households, both in the UK and Ireland, are spending about 11 billion for domestic help but the cleaning franchises in these same areas cost about 2.86 billion. An MDB report predicts that contract cleaning in the UK will increase 13% percent through 2010, an increase of almost $6 billion. Indeed it is noteworthy that the contract cleaning market increased 12% over the past five years.

Area of Opportunities:

There are various sectors in cleaning franchises, such as commercial cleaning, house cleaning, car cleaning, and commercial kitchen hygiene service cleaning franchises, carpet cleaning, dry cleaning and numerous other sectors. Among these cleaning opportunities some hold bright prospects. Some cleaning opportunities are common both in the residential and the commercial areas. In the UK, 23 million households support the franchise cleaning business and are increasingly creating opportunities for additional cleaning franchises.

The cleaning franchise opportunities depend on the nature of an area. In a residential area the cleaning services are mainly residential oriented, but in the commercial arena the opportunities for business are greater. Also the opportunities for this cleaning franchise are increasing because of the fact that they are recession proof in nature. Currently the people who want to be their own boss are grabbing these cleaning franchise opportunities. Most of the clients of cleaning franchise services are the established and financially secured section of the society, which normally includes doctors, lawyers, accountants and others high quality service holders. But today with creative financing available these opportunities are open to any level of the business sector.

Statistics have shown that “Cleaning Franchising Opportunities” are highly dependable in business. Investment in cleaning services in commercial sectors also promises a high return on investment or ROI. The emergence of numerous institutional businesses with their numerous offices contribute to creating more available opportunities for this contract service. Today’s entrepreneurs understand the need for a neat and clean office to please their customers and are becoming more dependent on the commercial cleaning franchise service. Additionally, with recent concerns for greater security a professionally bonded service is a must.

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