If you are a naturally clean and orderly person, maybe you have thought about using your skills to help others. Of all the businesses you could start in your spare time, a cleaning business startup is a relatively fast and easy process. Essentially all you need are basic cleaning supplies, a client, and a desire to work hard. Your cleaning business can easily grow from a small part-time side job, to a profitable business that supports your family. Before starting a cleaning business, you should investigate the different options for starting a business.

Starting an independent cleaning business:

If you have time, and cleaning supplies, by tomorrow you can have already begun your cleaning business start-up. Start by deciding what you will charge for your cleaning job. Check out the websites of other local cleaning businesses to see what they charge for cleaning services and price your services competitively. Decide what services you will provide as a part of your basic service and what you will charge extra for. Will you dust? Do windows? Move furniture to vacuum? Make beds? Do laundry? Be clear so that your clients know what they are paying for. Market your new business on local classified sites in order to reach clients.

Buying an established cleaning franchise:

Every day new business owners purchase a franchise in order to facilitate a fast cleaning business start-up. After time these owners lose interest or have difficulties with their business and decide to sell their existing franchise business. This can be a great way to start a business, because normally there are client lists in place and all the necessary business licenses have already been applied for. The downside to buying an established business is being tied to doing things the way the previous owner has always done them.

Buying a new franchise:

If you want the best of both worlds, consider buying a new franchise directly from a franchising company. You will get the power of name recognition and the support of a team that has opened many businesses just like yours. You will be able to quickly begin your cleaning business startup, and often franchise businesses can charge higher rates for their services because of the name recognition and reputation of a parent company. Large franchise companies can often assist you in providing credit for the purchase of your new franchise, which is another great benefit.

However you decide to start your own cleaning business, do your homework and thoroughly research your options to create the business that is right for you. Consult your local city and county government to find out what licenses and permits are required for your new business, and it is not a bad idea to consult a CPA about the tax needs of your new company.

Good luck and happy cleaning!

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