The “Cleaning Authority” franchise is one of the most successful business ventures that any entrepreneur should seriously consider. The business is backed by over 30 years of solid experience in the cleaning industry. Since its inception, the popularity of the business has exploded. In 19 years the cleaning authority has set its mark on every corner of the United States. Still, it is not just another business. It is different because each partner gets prime protected territories which ensure that the new business owners get enough opportunity to market and expand.

The Best Marketing Plan!

When it comes to locality, a cleaning authority business ensures that its partners get the best available choice. The marketing strategies and initial advertisement support provided by the company are second to none. The company has set up a direct mail program that allows the new business operators to get the marketing done for them. The cleaning authority markets its products in the business area by mail, to the targeted customer. The business owner focuses on serving the customers as the marketing is primarily handled by the company. The new business owners will just have to take the phone inquiries and schedule an appointment, for a cost estimate. Apart from the marketing plan, cleaning authority also helps its business in various other promotional campaigns.

Your Own Manager!

The cleaning authority business is at the fore-front of the technology. It has created one of its kind detail clean rotation system software that is directly handled by the management of the business and the cleaning authority, itself. The software acts as the manager and helps the new business owners by telling the cleaners what should they do in a particular situation, what are the needs of that customer and how to handle the task? The software helps save time delivers a quality customer service and is user-friendly.

Training Program!

The training program at the cleaning authority for its business exceeds the commercial cleaning standards. The training itself is very intensive but rewarding. Business owners are guided through every step of the cleaning process. They are provided an estimate of the labor force and any costs associated with starting such a business. During the program, the new owner gets an overview of the business in their area of operations. They get practical hands-on experience from cleaning to the management of the computer systems to hiring of the staff.


Every business is provided a dedicated software program that not only helps them schedule appointments but also keeps track of their daily tasks and the cleaning teams. The software helps maintain a check and balance on the needs of the business. It acts as a payroll center for all the employees. Cleaners can check in and out through the integrated attendance system. It also allows them to track their cleaning teams. When the owners are away, the in-house call center provides additional help. The automated software provides multiple options for the callers and can answer most inquiries.

Whatever your choice, rest assured that a cleaning authority franchise may just be the ultimate business opportunity that you always dreamed off. What set it apart from its competitors are dedicated human support and a far superior technological framework.

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