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London Bed and Breakfast in Hesket Newmarket

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To lure you to the idea of staying in a London area bed and breakfast in Hesket Newmarket we're going to go over some interesting facts about the city itself. Some of these may seem odd, but really interesting in fact, one that would make you wants to stay at a London area bed and breakfast. First off the local pub and brewery are actually owned by the village. The pub dates back to the 18th century when at that time there were five total pubs in Hesket Newmarket. Well in the 80s Jim and Liz Fearnley started the Hesket Newmarket brewery in an old barn that was in back of the Old Crown. The ales of the brewery gained national recognition, but when the couple was close to retiring it looked as if the business was in jeopardy of being closed down. The community at this time decided to step...

Bed and Breakfast in New Orleans

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'N'Awlins , as spoken in the sweet southern drawl of the locals of New Orleans, is a city known for their majestic hundred year old live oak trees that are dripping in Spanish moss, antebellum homes, the sultry bayous and world renowned jazz music. It is a city famous for their festivals, like the annual Madre Gras, which attracts thousands of visitors from around the world each year. New Orleans is a city that is rich in history and cultural and even though nearly destroyed by the hand of nature a mere three years ago, the spirit of N'Awlins never wavered and is now back and stronger than ever. One of the best ways to experience the spirit of New Orleans is to stay in one of the many beautiful Bed & Breakfast that dot the city. The majority of the inns are centered about the Gar...