Canine Supplies

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Dog care supplies do not only mean basic food and shelter but a lot more than that. These days canine supplies include everything that helps keep your dog happy and healthy. Canine care supplies are categorized as pampering, functional and basic. Basic canine requirements include kennels, grooming supplies, food, dog beds, and collars. The functional canine supplies include fences, doors, and gates. They also include aromatherapy massage oils and toys which are pampering supplies One the most significant thing that you will have to do for your dog is to maintain a regular and appropriate dog training routine. Apart from caring for your dogs' cleanliness you will also have to take proper care for its health. This is what proper training calls for. Bestowing love on your dog does no...

Westminster Dog Show

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Since 1887, the Westminster Kennel Club has shown the way as the leader in dog show competitions held in the United States. In the beginning this was a way for hunters to demonstrate their "Gun dogs". The Westminster Dog show has now become a world famous competition, where only the best of each breed contend for the title of "Best in Show." As the biggest all-dog breed show in the entire world, the Westminster Dog Show is now a national event. This show has millions of viewers who watch as the dogs are lead by their handlers. These dogs are tested by the judges, and finally narrowed down to the exclusive best dog at the show. Dogs are estimated based on their alikeness to a "breed standard". The judges rate the dogs with a series of numbers based on gait, color, size and symmetry. D...