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Cost of Doing Laundry at a Laundromat

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It's a sad fact of life that not every household owns a washer and dryer. Those people have to rely on gathering their dirty laundry and going to the laundry mat for a day of fighting for washers and dryers. In order to figure the cost of doing laundry at a laundry mat per year, you have to take into consideration several factors: Washer Size Some laundry mats have several sizes of washers available for their customers. There are single, double, triple, and, in some places, an extra large washer that holds up to four loads of laundry. If available, these washers can save you a lot of money. Typically, a single is about $2.00, a double is about $3.50, a triple is about $4.00 and the extra large is $5.00 per load. As you can see, the extra large washer saves you $3.00 for every four loads ...